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    British scientist claims NASA is considering chemical sterilisation of Mars mission astronauts, among other things. Here’s some more:

    ….scientists such as Professor Powell are concerned that the emotional fallout from having a crew where some are happier than others, or where relationships are made and then fall apart, could be disastrous. He noted the comments of one Russian cosmonaut about time spent cooped up in the Mir space station that “when you have two people locked up in a very small environment for months at a time, all the conditions for murder are met.” Mix in sex, and you almost have the script of Othello in space.

    Other scientists have suggested that the best way to ensure there is no interplanetary interplay is to crew the mission with astronauts over the age of 50. “The idea is that they won’t be worried about having families and concerned about getting exposed to radiation, because they’re getting towards the end of their useful working lives,” explained Peter Bond, a British expert on space matters.

    “Alongside that is the idea that the ideal Mars mission would have – in Star Trek terms – two Mr Scotts and two Mr Spocks, and definitely no Captain Kirks, or Mr Sulus, or Dr McCoys. You need the Scotts to do the engineering stuff, and the Spocks to do the science. You don’t need a Kirk because all he does is issue orders – and kiss any woman in sight.”

    And here’s the article:
    Sex: The Final Frontier



    A very interesting find.

    Personally, I think they need more Uhuras, Yeoman Rands, and Nurse Chapels because as every sci-fi geezer knows, Mars Needs Women (that flick’s star Tommy Kirk should definitely stay home).


    That’s funny, Mr. Pet suggested the same thing. If they used a crew of 6 women, no one would need to have their testosterone lowered. You would need women who were multi-talented, good at following orders and who can go without sleep in case something happened to one of them. They’d also need a dark sense of humor.

    My list:

    Amanda Carter (SG-1)
    Sara Sidle (CSI)
    Kaylee (Firefly)
    Ripley (Alien)
    Nurse Chapel (She’s probably a doctor by now, huh?)
    Maya (Space:1999– She’d be good for heavy lifting once they got to Mars)
    Susan Ivanova (B5)


    I’d like to see Barbarella added to the crew, and the over 50 male astronaut isn’t a bad idea… I’m thinking good old Saint Nick in case there are any pesky Martians about. After all, Santa Claus Conquered the Martians[/url]… Come to think of it, that would be a recipe for Lust in Space. Given time with Barbarella, I don’t think Santa would be quite so saintly anymore. She’d be all over him faster than he could say, “Ho, ho, ho.” Or more likely it would be vice versa… Santa would express his interest to which she’d reply, “Make love? But no one’s done that for hundreds of centuries!”

    But really, an all woman crew would be the obvious answer. I’d rather see Majel Barret as Number One (the science officer) from the Star Trek pilot, The Cage.


    bonkin in space. Must settle a lot of arguments, like who gets to be on top.

    No wait, Im being rude. I’ll stop.


    LOL! ๐Ÿ˜†

    You’re just saying what everyone is thinking….


    I quite agree. An entire female crew would work wonders.

    Well for the over 50s astronaughts, how about Michael Douglas. I mean he’s over 50 and not at all interested in sex or having families is he?

    Or how about Jack Nicholson. No testosterone problems there.

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