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    What does anyone know about this? i only remember little bits about what allegedly happened. i vaguely remember something about Einstein being involved in it, and having started a Physics course, have become interested in his work. i find some of the ideas i do remember intriguing, and am interested in the possible science behind it. what really happened? what went wrong? was it covered up, as the other half has suggested, because no-one wanted the world to know that a great man such as Einstein could get things so badly wrong?


    The mythos of it is that in the ’40’s, the military was experimenting with cloaking technology. I’m not good with the technical language, but I’ll give a try at explaining it.

    They attempted to bend light around an entire ship by using (If I remember correctly) some sort of electrical technology. I don’t know if it was atomic or not.

    Now comes the myth part: When the device was engaged, the personnel on board and the ship disappeared for a few moments. When it reappeared, men were melded into the deck, some were missing and some were sick, nauseated, some were dead, some were reportedly ‘phasing’ in and out. It is reported that at the exact time that the device was used, some of the sailers appeared at the back of a bar they frequented in the past. Although everyone on board was effected in a negative manner, the test was considered a success.

    They don’t know for sure if the ship remained where it was or travelled somewhere else during the test. I think I heard part of the story that the ship was spotted several hundreds of miles from it’s original position then disappeared again, at the exact time the test was stopped.

    My theory of why it was covered up… they screwed up, used a technology that they weren’t ready to deal with. I’ve been meaning to look more into chaos theory and what that’s about. I think it might have something to do with how and why they screwed up so magnificently.

    A -DM

    Ah, I’m so glad you asked, the Philadelphia Experiment is one of my fav subjects (hee, you won’t hear the last of me now!!!).
    The actual experiment was not too cloak a ship, but it was looking for a way to make ships disappear from radar completely, the idea came from Einsteins Unified Field Theory, which was never finished and to this this day no one has completed.
    The device was an electro-magnetic generator that was capable of distorting gravity (that’s as simple as I can put it), it was said that the result was not cloaking, but teleportation, as the ship was transported to Norfolk, West Virginia where it was spotted by the only witness to come forward shortly after the event…Carlos Miguel Allende.
    During the teleportation, the sailors entered another dimensonal plane of existence and when the ship returned it had been scorched and the outline’s of sailors were burnt into the hull, those that survived had been burnt badly and some were dismembered.
    Also the local Philadelphia press ran a story claiming that two sailors in a local bar seemed to burn up into flames and then disappear, apparently no one survived the incident…the Navy subsequently denied all knowledge.
    The operation was called Operation Rainbow, as it was claimed that a rainbow effect would appear while the device was in use, the Navy had done initial testing of the device, but this was the first time it had been put into operation in a lengthy time.
    There is also photographic evidence showing Einstein at the docks near where the USS Eldridge was docked, leading many too believe he was assisting the navy in this.
    The experiment itself has never been tried again, although some speculate that a research lab near Manhatten, NYC had been conducting tests based on the Philadelphia Experiment.
    All those that had contact with Carlos Miguel Allende had mysteriously been killed when he tried to tell his story, yet he himself lived quite a long while after, although he eventually died through mysterious circumstances, shortly after he was interviewed again in the 60’s.
    It is my opinion that the Philadelphia Experiment, the Bermuda triangle and UFo’s can all be explained by the Unified field theory, as the bermuda triangle could well be a rift in the earth’s electromagnetic force, a point where gravity disrupts this field to an extent where things disappear naturally, whereas the experiment had the same effect, but the device could not sustain the power required to maintain this and the Eldrige appeared again seconds after it left the docks.
    I feel this story has some credibility behind it, given that UF theory was Einsteins biggest theory, bigger than that of the Atom Bomb, also that the US were desperate to get hold any weapon that Einstein could devise after the success of the Atomic bomb, for use against the Nazi’s.
    At this moment in time, no one can explain the relationship between electro-magnetism and gravity, we know it too exist, but we don’t know how, Einstein knew and he took it to his grave.


    ๐Ÿ˜ˆ I realize I’m going against the flow here, but Philadelphia Experiment? Please!!

    Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 26, 1999

    Ship’s myth keeps reappearing The legend says the Eldridge vanished briefly in 1943. By Lacy McCrary

    The truth is out here. It is in a hospitality room of a boardwalk hotel, with some old salts sitting around white-clothed tables laughing at reports that their ship was involved in a top-secret World War II experiment. Sailors who served on the USS Eldridge, the ship that legend says vanished briefly in 1943 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, met here this week for their first reunion in 53 years and spent part of their time joking about the so-called Philadelphia Experiment. The Eldridge, they said yesterday, may well have been invisible to
    Philadelphia because it was never in Philadelphia. The ship’s log and several veterans who were on the ship from its launching on July 25, 1943, at Port Newark, N.J., say it called on many East Coast ports, but never Philadelphia.

    Two movies, two books and several Web sites have kept the myth about
    the Eldridge alive. …..”I think it’s somebody’s pipe dream,” said Ed Wise, 74, of Salem, Ind. Ted Davis, 72, of Grand Island, Neb., was more emphatic. “It never happened,” he said. Bill Van Allen, 84, who was executive officer and then captain of the Eldridge in 1943 and 1944, said he never saw any sign of experiments aboard the ship. “I have not the slightest idea how these stories got started,” said Van Allen of Charlotte, N.C. These former sailors said they sometimes had fun pretending the experiment actually occurred. “When people would ask me about it, I would play along with them and tell them I disappeared. After a while they realized I was pulling their legs,” said Ray Perrino, 72, of Cranston, R.I. …..

    …. The Navy said it had received so many inquiries through the years
    about the Philadelphia Experiment — the title of a 1984 movie, a 1993 sequel and two books — that it prepared and sends out a fact sheet. The Navy said the myth dated to 1955 with the publication of The Case for UFO’s by the late Morris K. Jessup. ……

    ….. Questions about the experiment probably arose from “quite routine” research at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard during the war, according to the Navy fact sheet. “It was believed the foundation for the apocryphal stories arose from degaussing [ demagnetizing ] experiments which have the effect of making a ship undetectable or ‘invisible’ to magnetic mines,” the Navy said. But the Navy said it had never conducted invisibility experiments, either in 1943 or at any other time. The legend says the ship became invisible on July 22, 1943, but ship records and the veterans say it was not launched until July 25. The second experiment, in which the Eldridge was sent to Norfolk and back to Philadelphia, was supposed to have occurred on Oct. 28, 1943. The ship’s log says it was at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on that date, but did spend two days in the Norfolk Navy Yard in November 1943.

    The gray-haired men, some wearing baseball caps with “USS Eldridge”printed on them, chuckled as they ribbed one another about the mental problems the crew supposedly suffered from the experiments. “The only part of the book I think is true is the part about the crew being a little crazy,” said Ed Tempany, 75, of Carteret, N.J. He referred to The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility by William L. Moore in consultation with Charles Berlitz. “When I get home I’m going to apply for disability,” Perrino said, with a smile. “Beam me up, Scotty,” said Tempany.
    ยฉ1999 Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.

    For a detailed dissection of this myth, check out:

    Einstein worked on the Unified Theory for the last 30 years or so of his life and died without finding it–it is supposed to be the theory that explains all the complexity in the Universe. Physicists are still trying to come up with it, the most recent candidates is string theory and it ain’t that close yet.

    elmey ๐Ÿ˜•

    A -DM

    Well that puts a whole new slant on it!, I guess some of the mythos has to be discredited, but most still won’t let go, and accuse these men of a cover-up, and to be honest why did they not admit as much a lot earlier on.
    I already these inaccuracies a long time ago, but for me the Philadelphia Experiment was just a link too the Unified Field Theory, which I think is of far greater interest than the supposed experiment.
    While all said and done, Jessop’s book did produce some remarkable science that in time may well be not far from the truth, but then the same could be said for Gene Roddenberry.
    I feel that UFT adds too the romance of the Experiment, but there is still a small amunt of evidence that was shown in several books to say that the Eldridge was involved, but unfortunately the evidence is fairly inconclusive.
    Obviously, the science is that if you tamper with the nature of the universe without really knowing what you’re doing, you are going to get burned (no pun intended!!!), I still believe that electro-magnetic and gravimetric forces are quite magical, and that many of today’s mystery’s can be linked to it, the truth is we still know very little about the Earth and the universe and what forces are at play.
    I imagine that the followers of the experiment and it’s myth will be both upset and angry at these old men, leading a great deal of people on a merry dance is no laughing matter, and I think they should be ashamed for not coming forth sooner.
    Even after all this though, one thing remains constant, that the US military does have a penchant for deceit and wind-ups, be it Roswell or the Phily Experiment, they just never want to tell it how it is, maybe like these old men they get a kick out of it, maybe they were honestly researching new technology and the Phily Experiment was a good smokescreen, either way it would be nice for us to know the truth, as a lot of science is more open and you’d think after 60 years they would put this one to bed for good.

    A -DM

    Oh, I almost forgot, one other story that was spun was that the offical crew of the Eldridge had not actaully been assigned to the ship during the period of the Experiment, and they did mention that the ship itself had not been launched during the event, it was built but had not been through testing or had been offically been made ready.
    So it could be said that this crew (the old men) were not aware of anything, as far as they were concerned they were the first to board her, sadly not enough evidence is provided for a for or against argument, documents may be correct or they may be falsified, the truth is , is that no one can prove it or disprove it.

    A -DM

    I told you if you get me started on this I won’t stop!!!
    I just read Elmey’s link and suffice to say it was dismissive of the whole affair, and to be honest I do believe it be correct.
    It’s still the science that nags at me, through it all the science of the experiment is plausible, we know that large gravimetric anomalies can distort light, i.e black holes, now there is nothing we could ever do to match that on Earth, if electro-magnetism can manipulate gravity then it’s reasonable to assume that it can affect light (Gravity that is…confused yet, you will be!!!).
    Light here on earth is slowed by the gravitational force on earth, effectively enabling us to see things around us, if it travelled as it does in the vaccum of space then we’d all be blind, it’s only slowed by a very small fraction, but it’s enough for us to discern things.
    The Bermuda Triangle can effectively be explained as a weak spot in the Earth’s gravitational force, at which point light is thrown off it’s normal speed on earth, giving the illusion that something will disappear, to the person inside that area it’s conceivable to assume that whatever exists in that area would be very frightening and for all good intentions they would be blind (and if you went blind all of a sudden then you would either fall overboard or not figure out how too feed yourself, it could also be that this light has disorientated the brain to the extent of scrambling your neurons and you are effectively mad, which may explain why people never return), equally if light can escape earth’s gravity at this point, then it could well be that more harmful rays could enter the area, in some cases the only thing that could stop the effect is a storm, heavy cloud cover or nighttime, it has been reported that many of the incidents in the triangle have been on a clear day, in which case there would be nothing to stand in the way of this effect. And also why the Philadelphia Experiment was reported to have been on done a clear day, the gravity bubble around the ship would not have had sufficient light hitting it to enable the effect too work if there was a storm or heavy cloud cover. The same effect can explained to mirages in the desert, if the light is too strong and gravity is weak, you will begin too se things, and in a desert enviroment, you have a great lack of cloud cover, also on a hot day you can see a shimmering effect on tarmac, that is light been distorted, not by heat, and that is a very minor infraction to light, so much so that is still in the limited range of our visual cortex, it is shown because we are at the lowest point of gravity on earth, as gravity is heavier at this point, thus enabling us to stand, or that at least is the assumption.
    You’ve all heard of people seeing a bright light just before they die, and that people sometimes have an aura emanating from them, well my guess that aura is in fact your own gravity, every single particle has a gravitational force in the universe, the larger the object the more powerful the gravity it exudes, we also have that force. And when you die the light you see is a result of your brain no longer being able to maintain the function of your visual cortex, thus allowing the other spectrums of light that you’d normally couldn’t see to be visible, in effect your light range in your eyes is weakened to a stage where it has a quick flurry of neuron activity, thus going beyond the normal sight we have and then blindness as we pass away.
    Like most things, there is a a divison that determines light depending on gravity, either light can absorbed or it can be refracted, but gravity determines at what speed either can occur.
    We have also seen applications that we use every day that can do things to light to aid us, from light refracting gogglesand sunglasses, light reflectors on bikes, and even the microwave oven. all of which manipulate light, all these items depend on how light reacts in our gravity and our made too suit it, but change that light and they would react differently.
    In the case of something like making a ship invisible, it would need a great deal of power to effect light, essentially warping gravity around you to allow light to hit you as it does in the vaccum of say a black hole or even possibly where light hits other large gravimetric bodies in space, at this point the light that hits an object then makes it appear invisible to the outside and blinds those who are on that object, as this light is distorted beyond the range of our visual cortex. It’s not impossible to believe because astronomers have seen evidence of gravity doing this in space, so equally, given the know how it’s not difficult too assume that it could be acheived with the right tools here on earth.
    The trouble is, is that due to our brains and our eyes we only believe what they tell us, we are so very primitive in this respect, as anyone who told you that they could see something there when you couldn’t see it, you would instantly class as mad, such is the beliefs that we have all been brought up with.
    But like or not there is another invisible range of light that we simply can’t detect with the naked eye, and that light is being distorted by gravity, so again if that invisible light could be used as a generated field around a ship, then no one would see it, it really is not implausible when you realise just how simple it is, we refuse to accept it because we as a race are too stubborn too go beyond our own preconceptions and it is dismissed as fantasy, I know it’s not.
    Remember, look at everything around you, the things we use to mould our world using nature and science, there is alot of stuff that we use that should for all intentional purposes defy what our brains tell us, we know it too exist, but we just can’t explain why it exists, for instance you could now be thinking, don’t be ludicrous, or this is the rantings of a very strange individual, or what cult is he getting me to sign up too!!!, but until we can accept what seems the impossible, we won’t see what is possible, luckily that’s science gives us, an outlet too seek it out without being branded a nutter.
    One other thing, the man Marshall Barnes in Elmey’s link said he could acheive the same result, but the TV network pulled out, I believe he can do it, and I believe the reason the station reneged is because they saw it for themselves and it became of great concern to them that it in fact might frighten people (which it most likely would), and at the same time may open a can of worms as far as the military is concerned.
    My guess is that it is possible to achieve, you just need to know at which point light would go beyond our visual cortex and the ability to generate an electro-magnetic field to distort gravity, we can probably never make an articifical gravity, because gravity is far too strong to emulate, but you can given enough power change it’s reaction to light, and therein lies the trick.

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