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    Fom a news group I belong to.

    Third Season Approved for Battlestar Galactica
    Strong ratings continue for the reimagined series.
    by Paul Davidson
    September 14, 2005 – Sci Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica is still less than halfway through its second season, but it appears that the science fiction remake has been approved to return for a third season.

    The news comes from SyFy Portal, but Sci Fi Channel will probably not confirm the renewal of any shows until the second half of its season. Battlestar Galactica, which began as a two-part miniseries, quickly earned a regular spot on Sci Fi Channel’s schedule. A short first season was followed by a second as the show’s ratings outpaced even UPN’s Star Trek: Enterprise.

    The creation of Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and David Eick, Battlestar Galactica is a new take on the original 1978 series. It follows the struggle of the warship Galactica and its ragtag civilian fleet in the wake of humanity’s conquest by the robotic Cylons. Leaving behind the decimated twelve colonies, the Galactica fleet searches for clues to the location of Earth with Cylon forces in hot pursuit.

    While the fleet has made good progress in locating Earth, don’t expect too much of the story to be wrapped up this year.

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