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    Ok,im going to list my top 5 characters,but none of this 1-5 business with no explaination,I think its important to know why we choose who we do:)

    Go on!…Have a try yourself,its quite difficult!

    I will attempt to put in a breif Explaination as to why I chose who I did

    So in revese order……

    5.Garek (Deep space Nine) right Garek is up there because he is one of those Mysterious characters that are just so hard to pin down,is he a Tailor? is he a Spy?….I think we first learnt what he was really capable of was when Sisko enlisted his help to get the Romulans into the War against the dominion,He finished up assasinating the Romulan and Scared the hell out of the Forger,I believe he actually desposed of him too,Garek is not the usual Star trek type character,which to me is a pretty good thing

    4.Mal reynolds (Firelfy) This Bloke is a Criminal who is not afraid to throw a punch for tuppence,he is capable of shooting an unarmed man,yet retains a certain amount of honour,he wise cracks his way out of trouble in a way which is truly funny,he is somewhat directionless,except to find where the next “Job” might be coming from

    3. Rick Deckard (Bladerunner) Another interesting Character,Is he,or isnt he? Relentless in his job with no real feelings for the “conscious” Beings he is ordered to kill,with that added spice of “What if he is one also?”

    2. Doctor Who No introduction,constanly changing character with similiar morals,ok one or two of the Doctors were not exactly rivetting but for the most part,he is completely off the wall and very British,despite being an Alien,grew up with him and owe my love of Science Fiction to him

    1.Avon (Blakes 7) Right my Favourite character from all of sci-fi Avan is just……….Avon!…The most sarcastic,Argumentative anti-hero out there,Biting Humour at times and a real dislike for idealists,one of whom happened to be his “Leader” Avon was never worried about a small thing like comradship,and quite willing to throw a member of his crew from a spaceship in order that he survive,some of the banter between him and the rest of the crew was something to behold,and the arguments with Orac were precious moments indeed,A real reluctant hero,and my total favourite of all time!


    I wholeheartedly agree with you about giving reasons for your choices . It makes it much more interesting, and challenging. That said, I’m rushed for time right now and want to get in here quickly, so this post will be half-baked at best (will make an honest effort later when i have time to think things through).

    I like your choices, certainly Avon and the good Doctor are two characters that immediately sprang to mind when I saw your topic-title. I enjoy morally ambiguous characters, antiheroes, and for a character to be intriguing, I also feel that a sense of mystery should be there. I like enigmatic characters.

    Garek is interesting, but in a way I feel he owes a little too much to the international espionage John le Carre novels (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Tailor of Panama etc.).

    As for Deckard, although Scott looked at him as a replicant, I never quite bought into that. Still, a favourite character from one of my fave movies. It’s Rachael that really gets me going though… I like ’em Young; Sean Young that is.

    A couple favourite movie characters of mine are Sam Lowry and Alex deLarge, but that’s because of the black comedy aspects of the films, Brazil and Clockwork orange, primarily.

    I’m going to, very insubstantially explanation-wise, stick with characters from TV sci-fi here… Really in no particular order of preference…

    1. The Prisoner: I like the mystery behind the Number 6 character. Who is he exactly? Is he John Drake? Why did he resign? And who is Number 1? (I don’t want to offer spoilers here). Is he a schizoid man? Single-minded, but in two minds?

    2. The Doctor (Pertwee particularly): wise, dapper, and enigmatic. Doctor who?

    3. Avon: Pretty emotionless, cool, and calculating with a mysterious past, but there’s also humour there. He’d probably rank higher if it hadn’t been more than twenty years since I last saw the show. Must, must buy the DVDs.

    4. Gor from First Born (a mini-mini): spiritual, conflicted. Will say more later.

    5. Spock: Logical, but I like the human side of the equation too. It’s said that a good character usually has inner-struggle. His human-vulcan sides’ struggle makes for a very interestingly conflicted character Like the humour when it comes out too.


    you have some interesting choices there..


    I like Deker too. ;D

    Well you did not specify film or television, so here goes.

    5. Jim diGriz, also know as the Stainless Steel Rat – He is great, always looking for the main chance and a way to profit from it. 😀 I like his wife too. (Book – Harry Harrison)

    4. Kai – With the exception of a minor Proto-blood problem, a guy with no baggage is a find. He can also do your hair. What’s not to love.

    3. Spock – How can you not love someone surrounded by idiots who lets them live. What a guy.

    2. Miles Vorkosigan – Sure he is short, but you just have to love someone who doesn’t quit…. not even when he is barely back from the dead. (Books – Lois McMaster Bujold)

    And number one is…… Han Solo. Again, what is not to love. ;D Smart-aleck cutie, who has his own space ship and…. a ‘pet’ that can not only take care of itself, but also rip off people’s arms. 😆


    How can you pick just five? The Dr., Spock, Dekard, Avon,? But what about Roy Batty, a replicant created to kill, who spends his last living seconds rescuing his mortal enemy, the man who killed his closest companions and looked on Roy as a mere appliance,
    That drained me just chosing one (in partcular order).


    5) Walter – He’s on la femme Nikita. I don’t know if the rest of you guys count that programme as sci-fi, but i do 🙂
    He was such a sweety pie compared to everyone else at section.

    4) Dr.Who – I just love the fact that the actor keeps chaniging.

    3) Prince – Lexx. He’s one of the best baddys ever. He manages to be bad and funny at the same time and i just love that 🙂

    2) Stan – Lexx. How can someone who controls the most powerful weapon in the two universes be so hillarious??? 😆

    1) Xev – Lexx. She just rocks, i love the cluster lizard in her 🙂

    P.S Heya everyone, i’m new here.
    But any lexxfans should know me as Cluster?


    Hi Fellow Sci-Fi Fans,
    My top 5 favourite Sci-Fi characters are:
    1) 5th Dr, Dr Who: He’s the youngest, who’s ever played The Dr & had very interesting companions to help him out; he also went to interesting planets & met some strange beasts, including the dumb Daleks. I also like his costume & how he wore it; I even liked how he portrayed The Dr.
    2) Diana, V (all of them): She was the most evil, yet cunning character on the show; 1 minute, she was `nice’ & `sweet’, the next, mean & definitely cruel. I also liked the way she walked & how she would hide in places you wouldn’t expect her to be; I also liked the way she talked to the (8-yr old) Elizabeth, while the Resistance was trying to take over the ship.
    3) Kai, Lexx: I liked him in all of his outfits, because he looked hot in them; I also liked the way he walked & talked, especially to both Stan & Xev. I even liked his brace & how he managed (over & over again) to try to kill Prince.
    4) Twiki, Buck Rogers: I relate to how he walks, since, when I was learning how to walk again, I’d walk just like that; I also liked his wonderful sense of humour & how he spoke to Buck.
    5) Peri Brown, Dr Who: I likee her style & how she kept from losing her cool, when Colin would take her to places she didn’t want to go; I also liked her amazing costumes & created a couple similiar to her’s. I also liked her attitude towards how the Dr (Colin Baker) would always manage to tell her to stay there, even though, he knew she wouldn’t.

    Sci-Fi Fans Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    Spock,Peri,The Prisoner etc,and there seems to be a bit of a Lexx thing going on here too!

    im glad to see Avon seems as popular as ever,great characters die hard it would appear:)

    This really interests me to see what people choose when pushed into just five characters,I think it not only says to people what you like,but also what YOU are like as people:)


    Blake’s 7??? The Prisoner??? Where on earth do you guys find this stuff?!? Am I on a “trial membership” here at and therefore do not have access to the secret portal to all these shows? 😆 I’ve heard these shows mentioned many times here but I still laugh to myself when I think about how much sci-fi that I have never seen/ heard of, but apparently everyone else has. Maybe I have a really crappy cable package? I don’t know. BBC America does not show sci-fi (that I know of), and PBS the public TV broadcaster here in the US, stopped airing Red Dwarf and Dr. Who years ago, at least in my neck of the woods. Oy, 🙄 I guess the local video joint may be a good starting place, but anyway…

    here are 5 faves that come to mind:

    5) Daniel Jackson- Daniel Jackson is definitely one of my favorite characters because he’s brilliant, curious, skeptical and resourceful. There’s also something very noble about him, especially when it comes to his unflinching sense of what he thinks is morally/ ethically right and wrong. Plus, the chicks dig him.

    4) Officer Aeryn Sun- There are lots of female characters that kick ass in sci-fi…Zoe from Firefly, Major Kira in DS9, Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 and many others. But Aeryn Sun stands out head and shoulders above the rest. She’s no-nonsense most of the time and does not suffer fools, whether she’s dealing with unknown people, aliens (esp. parasite hunters) or putting up with Chiana’s antics. If a fight breaks out, she’s as cool as a cucumber under fire and is real handy with a pulse pistol/ rifle/ whatever is at hand. And if she is unarmed, she can still brawl bare-knuckles and never chip a nail. It’s probably that I lust after Claudia Black, her husky voice, accent and otherwise sexy self, but I think she’s a fine actress as well.

    3) Q- What’s not to like about an immortal, omnipotent being? I like how Q is a shady, mischievous and sometimes dangerous character that can never really be relied upon because he’s so unpredictable. A favorite episode is when he hurled the Enterprise into Borg space for the first time and the good guys got their asses kicked. Q had a really good speech to Picard at the end of the show about how the universe is full of all sorts of wonders, good and bad, but it’s not for the timid. Anyway, I also like how Q would toy with Picard by doing little things to annoy him. Q helped bring some balance to Picard’s seemingly infallible character.

    2) Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader- Ok, I admit I love the whole “good-guy-is-one-of-the-greatest-heros-of-all-time-but-then-turns-bad-but-redeems-himself-at the-end” thing. I just think Anakin’s life is a real cool story- his mysterious birth, his strength with the force, his excellence in engineering, piloting and, eventually, as a swordsman (Jedi/ Sith.) And of course, the “angry young man” streak that ran through his personality which helped lead to his turning to the dark side. Sure, some of the prequel movies really suck “the big one” at times, and as it has been mentioned on this board (and others) the set-up for Anakin’s betrayal was flimsy at best- but I get the gist of the story. Father vs. Son, the circle is complete, redemption, are all very good themes.

    1) Quark- The Ferengi are one of my favorites in the Trek world. The government corruption, the bribes, kick-backs, plea-bargains, shady back-room deals, extortion, swindling, false-advertisements, the Rules of Acquisition…it’s almost like real life except when you watch it on DS9 you laugh and laugh and are not outraged and jaded like you might otherwise be. Anyway, Quark’s lust for profit through any means necessary has provided me hours and hours of entertainment. But even as self-centered and greedy as he is, every now and then he surprises you be doing something “nice”- and by nice I mean that Quark does not get paid/ compensated for his deed. He has a strange kinship with the other crew members on DS9. Although he is not the enemy, he is not anyone’s friend, either, and everyone knows exactly what to expect when they deal with him.


    my top five in no praticulare order << its hard enough to chose just five! >>

    1. Cat – (Red Dwarf) I can’t help but like him despite how annoying he tends to be just for the fact that he plays the part of a cat so well…except one major flaw….Real cats tend to be lazy unless they are still kittens. He has that perpitual need to be clean and the tendency to be in the way or out of sight just like a true i have to give him credit.

    2. River Tam – (Firefly/ Serenity) She has to be one of my all time faves because she reminds me of myself <<not to sound egotistical>> ..Here she has all this knowledge that she can’t seem to put into words. She is sweet & innocent like in all her confusion..but yet she has avery deadly side to her that can’t quiet be controled. All in all..she is incredabile!

    3. Daleks – (Dr. Who) I know they aren’t exactly “charecters” but with all the credit they get, they might as well be. They are one of the best because if you think about we have what appears to be harmless <<as well as armless>> robots type beings that just by looking at them doesn’t strike fear into anyone, who go around shouting “EX-TER-MIN-ATE!..EX-TER-MIN-ATE!” & killing everybody…..teaching us to be weary of Everything!….its just fantastic!

    4. Avon – (Blakes 7) I like him cause..again..he doesn’t seem like the type to kill anyone just by looking at him..but as time goes on & you get to know him better, you can really tell what a Sadistic b*sterd he truly is. He has a dark sense of humor that is rather amusing..making him one of the best ever.

    5. Kai – (Lexx) There is nothing to not like about him <<except that he keeps running out of Proto-blood>>..He is dark, mysterious, intellegent, he doesn’t speak much & plus he is sort of like a sci-fi type vampire because of him being dead & having to live off of a blood like substance making him just as much every girl’s fantasy. So naturally all these things combined makes him ALMOST as sexy as a certain bloke named Alex that i know 😈


    Only 5… 🙁
    5. Aeon Flux (animated series) – because she keeps her sense of humor despite everything, even her own death
    4. Aeryn in Firescape – simply because Claudia Black is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, defining the world of difference between cute and truly beautiful
    3. Scorpius in Farscape – cold, intellectually intriguing, emotionally inaccessible, unpredictable but displaying occasional endearing weaknesses…
    2. Prince in Lexx – cold, intellectually intriguing, emotionally inaccessible, unpredictable but displaying occasional endearing weaknesses… hmmm
    1. Kai in Lexx – cold (dead), intellectually intriguing, emotionally inaccessible, unpredictable but displaying occasional endearing weaknesses…what’s not to love, right?
    (And if I could cheat a bit I would add M’Lee, a gentle little calcivore from Farscape’s Bone to be Wild, because I tend to behave like her when hungry…


    That’s so hard and to be honest, my faves change every few weeks or so:

    5. 6 from Battlestar Galactica. A model who can act?!! That’s godda be good. She’s currently carrying that show! (also like 6 from Tripping the Rift and No. 6 from The Prisoner)

    4. Stanley Tweedle – an excellent character, truely uninspiring, it’s very rare to get someone so consistently selfish and silly.

    3. Mr Uef (the Chatlanin) from the film Kin Dza Dza, very funny character and a famous Russian comedy actor. He acts as a focus to help us get our heads round some very difficult socio/political concepts on the planet Pluk. It was a huge task and he did it wonderfully – bitter, twisted, precocious and ruthless and yet always seems like he is a nice guy in a less than perfect situation – the scene when he holds out his hand near the end of the film and asks if he can have a look at the lost geezers Gravitsappa – it’s like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, genius.

    2. Foxy from Drawn Together. Wadda Gal! Her lines in the epic, “Some black Chick’s song” has godda be a classic! The scene when Foxxy decides to show a racist debutant, Clara, how to kiss:

    Clara: What is this thing in my mouth? It’s slippery and it’s slimy, Travelling down my slender virgin pink esophagus. Some black chick’s tongue, It’s such a new sensation.
    Foxxy: I got a mayonnaise mamma on my licking hole and we’ve only just begun.
    Clara: It’s really quite thrilling.
    Foxxy: That’s right now, you know.
    Clara: I think I taste a filling.
    Foxxy: And it’s solid gold.
    Clara: I never dreamed I’d be so willing to let myself go.
    Foxxy: Tell me about it, I’m totally frenchin’ a racist ho!
    Clara: What a wonderful feeling.
    Foxxy: Damn, where’d dis bitch get her earrings?
    Clara: I’ve never had so much fun.
    Clara & Foxxy: As with this black chick’s tongue.

    1. Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf, was played unbelievably well in so many different guises over the 8 seasons that Red Dwarf was on the air, Who can forget the Arnold J Rimmer Song from season 7 or or the alter ego Ace Rimmer


    5)Kai – Lexx (I liked the way he is dead, and has no emotion, and yet still makes the right choices. Goes to show you emotions, even good ones, get in the way of clear thinking.)

    4)Authur Dent – Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy(Of all the characters in sci-fi, he is the one that seems most like me. Joe Average, with a sense of apathy and dry sense of humour.)

    3)Zev – Lexx(So hot… so hard core… so totally sexy)

    2)Rand – Robotech (This Country boy always made me laugh, more than willing to do the right thing, although seldom ever doing much more than killing Invid and getting himself hurt.)

    1)Rick Hunter – Robotech (The perfect mix, his self battle between chosing love and war, his constant battle with himself, the Zentradi, his loves – Lisa and Minmei. The quiet hero who never is number 1, just pimps Rand to the number one spot for me.)


    Ooooh Great Question! Off the top of my head and I ‘ll make it short!

    5) Mr. Spock. A great character. Providing logical counterpoint to the g eneral nonsense on the original star treck. Made some of the best moments of the series possible– going into heat, trying to kill the captain, etc.

    4) Locutus of BORG. All time best turnaround of a character from good to bad. Shoulda lasted longer.

    3) Cthulu– an alien so frighteningly ugly that it causes madness in humans just to look at him. Thanks HP Lovecraft.

    2) Kai– so cold he’s hot! He also has the mythic appeal of the amnesiac, misused warrior fallen from glory. Wry sense of humor.

    1) Dr Who (the Tom Baker version): Whacky and witty, wins his battles with a generally nonviolent attitude. Not threatened by independent lady companions. He also has the charm of being a somewhat disgraced Time lord.


    yeah this is a great thread…oh yeah hi I’m back…

    1) Lynches Baron Harkonen – for once a nasty baddy, complex, humourous, and just plain horrid….”put the pick in there Pete..and turn it round …real neat” genius makes old Vader look cuddly

    2)Roy Batty – The fallen angel…more human than human…

    3) Frankenstein’s creature ….”did I request thee maker from thy clay to mould me man?…nor did I solicit thee from darkness to promote me”…. missunderstood, unloved, outside but just wants in…he speaks for us all doesn’t he?

    4) lol Lilu the Fifth Element….”Multipass!” love Mila in this …

    5) Altaira – Forbidden planet – she looks fantastic! Is sooo sexy and she has great clothes

    but I can think of five others…..


    I Can. Not. Believe. This.

    I am the only person who mentioned Han Solo? Helllllllllo What is with you people?

    He is perfect! He is good looking, has his own space ship, can fix his own space ship, is smart, a true wise guy and did I mention how cute he is? How is it that I am the only one to see that he is sci-fi perfection personified?

    ***** theFrey shakes head in disbelief and wanders off to go watch the original Star Wars DVD. **********


    n5 -kopele

    Ok, here’s my list:

    5) Trance from Andromeda – she’s purple, mysterious and friendly
    4) Princess Lea from Star Wars – She wasn’t so beautiful, but her character is great
    3) Aeryn from Farscape – almost beautiful, ass-kicking, lovely accent
    2) Chiana from Farscape – mostly, because she reminds me of:

    1) Zev Bellringer of B3K from Lexx – SEXY, great accent, perfect reactions in difficult situations, self-confident, just exploring the world (aren’t we all?), ready to risk her life for her friends, just, etc, etc…
    And I love her white hair![/b]


    Can’t see a top 5 list and not have any Babylon 5 cast mentioned.

    5. Combo G’Kar and Londo – Babylon 5. Okay it’s two characters but they were both pivital to each others so i put them as one.

    4. Mal – Firefly – already mentioned a bunch of times so i won’t do it.

    3. Doctor – Dr. Who – same as above..time lord, sarastic, no fear…gotta love it.

    2. Jack ONeil – SG1 – come on guys…i know he’s only a guest star now, but there were entire seasons where that show was getting stale but he kept it alive.

    1. Q – TNG Come on…he introduced the Borg out of spite 😉 Isn’t there a little Q in all of us?

    Special mention to Garek, Avon, Deckerd, Delenn, entire BSG cast (not one single stand out but excellent from top to bottom), almost the same with Bab 5 adn Firefly…great supporting casts


    Can’t see a top 5 list and not have any Babylon 5 cast mentioned.

    5. Combo G’Kar and Londo – Babylon 5. Okay it’s two characters but they were both pivital to each others so i put them as one.

    4. Mal – Firefly – already mentioned a bunch of times so i won’t do it.

    3. Doctor – Dr. Who – same as above..time lord, sarastic, no fear…gotta love it.

    2. Jack ONeil – SG1 – come on guys…i know he’s only a guest star now, but there were entire seasons where that show was getting stale but he kept it alive.

    1. Q – TNG Come on…he introduced the Borg out of spite 😉 Isn’t there a little Q in all of us?

    Special mention to Garek, Avon, Deckerd, Delenn, entire BSG cast (not one single stand out but excellent from top to bottom), almost the same with Bab 5 adn Firefly…great supporting casts


    Corvina,Roy Batty!..Excellent choice and nicely explained….YOWAYYO..My Dear Friend,I know that feeling of not seeing something everyone else appears to have seen,very frustrating,and not a little Maddening!

    Fenchurch,well obviously we know each other anyway,but you always surprise me sweetheart :shock 😯

    This is wonderful to see that there are so many of you capable of giving some sort of explaination as to your favourite Characters,do you all realise there is something of you in them?…of course you do.
    This is my own personal favourite thread(of which I have posted),I find your descriptions insightfull,and in some cases very informative…You Lads and Lasses really now your Sci-Fi! thanks to all of you who have taken part and bringing it to life 😀


    i knew there was one i was forgetting!..
    i am shocked that i didn’t remember Q myself..
    espeacilly since i know someone so much like Q
    that its spooookie 😯

    Fenchurch,well obviously we know each other anyway,but you always surprise me sweetheart :shock 😯

    and as for you Spooookie Dear…

    life & the Universe are full of surprizes & THIS…..
    so.. Don’t Panic! 😉

    Nick -Z.

    Pinning it down to just 5 wasn’t easy, 10 would permit more flexibility.

    George the Time-Traveler: From H. G. Well’s classic, “The Time Machine”. I searched for his last name and couldn’t find it. This guy’s great respect for life and humanity and repugnance for war, along with his ability to see beyond the limited dimensions we are all taught to think within, has inspired me ever since I first saw the movie and read the book in the late 70s. It was his kind of thinking, I believe that first gave root to Einstein’s relativity and the idea of a “multiverse”, which has since been a theme of many books and serials.

    Captain Nemo: From Jules Verne’s “20,00 Leagues Under the Sea” and “The Underwater City”. While I am more of an outer-space fan myself, this Nemo character is still very cool. I love the way he went after the war-profiteers and critically put the big imperialist nations in their place, along with all the other tyrannical forces of history.

    Kai: A righteous dude fighting for the right cause and a man of few words and much action. A very cool alternative hero for a very screwed up universe.

    Aeryn Sun: A female heroine that knows what it’s like to be back-stabbed by a military organization and learns how to put her training to more humane purposes. Chriton doesn’t know how lucky he is.

    Lieutenant Reginald Barclay: From ST:NG. The odd alternative semi-hero who entered The Next Generation during it’s 4th or 5th season as a guy with a holodiction problem. It was refreshing to see the writers of Star Trek introduce such an oddball-type character into the spit and polish super-genius ranks of the series and it was very commendable for Captain Picard to actually give Barclay the benefit of the doubt and a second chance to prove himself, despite his many problems adjusting to life on the Enterprise.

    I also like Spock, the Doctor, Stanley Tweedle, and Q’s cynical perspective of arrogant humans is also quite refreshing also. I’m sure i could list well over ten, probly more like 20 favs. More if I hadn’t been cut off from the sci-fi channel shortly after 9/11/01.


    1) Kai – cool, dead, good-looking, has no philosophy…;-) Simply kicks ass and that’s it.

    2) Stanley Tweedle – he is simply adorable. Easy to identify with… Voice of cowardice, but quite often also a voice of reason… More complex than he seems at first sight… Stan the man.

    3) Daniel Jackson – there is no other SF character I can think of who can manage being a major pain in the ass with so much charm…:-) Plus, I got this soft spot for slightly chaotic intellectuals…

    4) Data – he’s just too cute, too funny and too charming not to get in my top 5… Somebody I’d like to hang around with… Perfect mixture of intelligence, innocence and purity.

    5) Cat – he is one-dimensional, awfully uncomplicated, silly, noisy and if he wasn’t there at all, it wouldn’t really matter that much – so… That’s why…;-)

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