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    I’m looking to hold a mini-marathon of Farscape S1 eps next weekend for my friends. After the pilot, which would you rate as the best 4 eps to show? My idea:

    PK Tech Girl
    A Human Reaction
    The Hidden Memory

    I’m not sure if I can subject these people (who currently are not fans) to more than @4 hours.


    Consider Durka Returns.


    A fine selection of S1 episodes, but I would get rid of Tech Girl and the Pilot in favor of ‘Back and Back and Back to the Future’ or ‘DNA Mad Scientist’.

    But then that would just be me, and assuming I had any friends to begin with.

    Enjoy the show/s! (and don’t forget to point out that the series doesn’t really come into its own until Nerve onwards).


    Well, I think the pilot is required, just for the sheer bulk of exposition of the [initial] primary characters. Under no circumstances will “I, ET” be shown – I’m pretty sure it’s my absolute least favorite ep.

    Also, PK Tech Girl is sorta kinda the beginning of the Scorpius plot.

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