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    Some of the shows that we WONT be seeing this year (or next) or that have been shelved … erm… or will be shelved.. Yep, they were in the works, but then they were then scrapped, axed or shelved. Blastr reported a few of them and I though I’d expand on the list here based on news from around the net.

    Powers, FX
    This was a great idea for a show. The premise was an unlikely band of cops trying to police a superhero world. It’s actually still in development but we certainly wont see it this year (if at all). I’m not sure what the hold-up is, it seems they have had a few re-writes. Just not got it right I guess.

    Being Human, BBC
    Yes I know, it’s well established, but Auntie Beeb doesn’t let us see what shows are in the making. All I know is that they have announced that season 5 will be the last. I think most would think that a shame.

    Mockingbird Lane, NBC
    This one was a Munsters type story and it was a little over the top by all accounts. The pilot film died a death on NBC and they decided to not take the series any further.

    Amazon, The CW
    A Wonder woman remake. You’ll never guess what killed this one off? Arrow’s success! That piece of shit patronising drivel is apparently a hit show and the studio decided they wanted a bit more time to get the Amazon show right before propping it up against Arrow.

    Axed after the fifth season. I stopped watching this after the third season. The wife still likes it but even she was ‘meh’ after hearing of it’s demise.

    Battle Royal, The CW
    A take on and expansion of the famous Asian film about a group of sexy teenagers who battle to the death…. erm…. to survive. Yeah I know. Didn’t stand a chance. There was no way this was ever going to make it to the screen with all the real life school shootings.

    Alphas has been axed following the airing of Season 2. I guess it just didn’t hit the numbers.

    Hulk, ABC
    After the character proved to be a hit in the Avengers film, the studio decided that they wouldn’t waste him on TV. As Blastr reported, Hulk seems to have a lot more mileage in future Avengers films. The studio haven’t actually shelved it, but development seems to be grinding to a halt and they don’t think it will surface this year (if at all).


    Other notable non sci fi axes are Weeds, 30 Rock and the Office.


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