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    How are you all enjoying Tyr’s new lack of a Hair-do? I don’t mind if his dreads had been made a little shorter…..but a quarter inch of hair will not do, no it will not do at all. Oh Samson, what have you done?



    Lexx, erm less I mean, is not more…

    Bigger is better. The Andromeda producers should have learned a lesson from loaf-head Kai…

    Anyway, perhaps Tyr’s new ‘do is the latest step in Nietzschean evolution… First his shoulder-blades, now his hair, when will it end?


    That is hilarious…I never Realized his hair was that huge…is it really that humongous?
    I think perhaps you have something with the hair idea there. Rock stars have big hair…and lots of groupies. Perhaps Hair and not the old adage of feet is the new indicator of….Anyways maybe Stan should grow out some hair..although I don’t think back hair would count.
    And yes, poor Tyr…I am sure it makes Keith more comfortable not to wear his steel mesh shirt, his blades, and now his big hair…but then, beauty is always at the cost of comfort, isn’t it?


    Not quite that big, it’s a little composite I made for lexx.com as part of a tribute to Kai’s hair following a mod’s suggestion there.

    But if anybody’s hair deserved a tribute page it was Tyr’s. It really wouldn’t surprise me if his lovely dreads were shorn upon the insistence of Kevin Sorbo out of jealousy. After Mr. Sorbo had his lovely locks cut (admittedly that was a long time ago), he may have felt that nobody deserved nicer hair than him. 😉


    …The actor, Keith Hamilton-Cobb, had to cut his hair after he left the show because of a role he had on another show (I think it might have been an episode of the New Twilight Zone) which as he was playing a military officer required a buzzcut.

    Of course the reason he left the show as a regular was because he didn’t like what was being done with his character, which I can blame Sorbo for.


    Thanks for the info, Fallen, and welcome to the board.


    Hi all just found this site, and really like it so far.
    Anyway, pardon my being kinda lost, but I only get to watch Andromeda on DVD now since I missed a bunch being in Iraq a year, and I can’t get SKYone in my barracks anymore, and I’ve only seen half of Season 2 and bits of 3.
    What exactly did happen to Tyr? Are his arm spurs gone in Seas 3? And how did that happen? What other developments did I miss?
    I hear he left the show for Seas 4 and I’m not happy about it. Yeah I know he was a wanker at first, but even a warrior-poet gets cranky when your whole family has been wiped out.

    Thanks, Rex


    I also was not happy that Tyr left in season 3. I missed season 1 and am only on season 3 at the moment. He lost his bone blades because of some weird quirk of fate in 3.1, If the Wheel is Fixed, which I missed, but I don’t think they really know what happened to them. About the hair – his hair was great (though as it’s not gone yet from my point of view, IS GREAT). I am not happy. He was the best character ever, mainly because he just blew everyone up for no reason (well, he was a Nietzschean I suppose), which was really cool.


    I really like Tyr too, I’m watching him on the reruns on Tuesdays on scifi channel.
    And now that I’ve been reading Nietzsche, Tyr is very much the warrior poet Zarathustra praised. What I really love about Tyr is his voice and how he communicates his very strong views – in some very quiet ways.
    Rhade is not as Nietzschean, and esp. in this new season – is very much got his own demons going on – though I think the directing in his scenes could be much better- particularly good example is in the new Epispode “Attempting Screed” when he disarms Lunah’s bodyguard. Very poor production/direction…as if it was a rehearsal as opposed to the final product.

    But that’s just me nitpicking! Cobb’s playing of Tyr had such a polish and style to it.
    Apparently he does have the bone blades removed, I haven’t seen that episode.
    Telamachus Rhade doesn’t use his much…

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