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    I got a call from Brain Downey, we where going over some costume stuff. He asked me if I was going to the Uncon. I told him I was signed up for it but don’t know if I can make it. Well he didnt like that answer! So I need to get some info for hoteling and addresses. Is their a page with the info?

    Hope Brian gets better, he’s suffering from a chest cold right now.

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    The uncon webpage has all the information on where to stay for uncon. http://www.thefrey.com/unconaccomadations.htm

    Dalhousie is the cheapest, but when I checked yesterday, theere was only 2 singles and a double room left.

    Airfare will be the hardest to get. Despite what the news tells you, airfare has not “gone way down” since the 11th, but instead has gone way up. I fly a lot and I know how bad its gotten. I recommend 1-800-air-4-less or if oyu fell lucky priceline.com


    Thanks Headgehog. I’m cool with the airline stuff. I just so happen to work for Delta/NWA/CanadaAIR. I looked at the rez system and found the flight info. Lucky me gets a nice rate $110 round trip. I guess I would be silly not to go now. This will be the first time I have left the US.

    Just have to work on the hotel stuff now.


    You might want to try The Waverley Inn if you can spare the extra cash (Starting at 99 Canadian Dollars per night). My girlfriend and I will be staying there, and I’ve heard it’s pretty nice (Victorian style place). Plus it has free continental breakfast, and it’s very close to Electropolis, O’Brien Hall, and a variety of bars and restaurants. Check http://www.waverleyinn.com for info.

    I stayed at the Delta Halifax last year. It was nice, but it was about 120 Canadian Dollars per night. WAY too much money.
    http://www.halifax.worldweb.com/%5B/url%5D has a list of accomodations too.

    Good luck!
    Jim Davis
    a.k.a “jkd112”


    Thxs, I wish they had a Ramada Inn there =)


    The chap I just spoke to at Dalhousie seemed to think there were more available. At least I had no problems getting a single. And since I’ll be there for just over a week, I got a really good rate (total cost less than 3 nights at the Waverly). Flight wasn’t that expensive, either, but flights from NYC are rarely expensive unless you’re going to Idaho or something.

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