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    we all probably have been there when we we little, you know at Christmas, when we’d ask for that extra special gift or toy- only to not get it. So you’d ask for the same thing next year and you still didn’t get it. You’d spend your entire childhood years desperately wantin such & such a toy, but you never had one. well, i’ve got a list!!
    1) Black haired Sindy doll- can’t quite think why, i just desperately wanted one!!
    2) ‘Test Match’ cricket game. i liked cricket when i was little, so to me, this would have been more fun than Subutteo!!
    3) ‘Mr Frosty’- put ice in the top, turn a handle and get crushed ice out at the bottom. you sort of made somethin like a Slush Puppy with it. cool gift..(sorry!!)

    come on, somebody tell me i wasn’t the only one to miss out!!


    Ummm, sorry no. I had a weird childhood, but I must honestly say, whatever I wanted I got eventually. When my mom and dad split up, there were money problems (no surprise there huh.) but… If we really wanted something, it almost always show up, perhaps not right away, but eventually. If my Mom didn’t get it, or my Dad couldn’t get it, my Grandmother would buy it for us. On those rare occassions when none of those came through, I bought it myself.

    I had odd jobs for the neighbor ladies for as far back as I can remember… even when it was just as a seven years old. I would enterain the neighbor toddlers in their back yard so that their mother’s could get a little bit of house work done without the kids underfoot. I bought my first pool that way. It wasn’t much, 18″ high, but I wanted a pool, and had some chore money saved, and the neighbors were moving….. Needless to say, my Mom was less than thrilled to have a grass killing pool messing up the back yard.

    Of course I was pretty young when my Mom explained to me the term “Realistic Expectations.” So while my childhood wants were by no means exactly modest… they were not totally out of reach. It was a joke we had between us. In fact we laughed about just days before she died. I would always say that “I never got anything that I wanted!” and she would just laugh and say “Tell me one thing you didn’t get.” You know, I really could never name one, I still can’t.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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