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    Obviously I’m refering to the Cylon who seems to be inside Baltars head and not the number between five and seven.

    She planted the idea that she could be some sort of chip implanted into his brain that contains her “Program”. Others on these boards have suggested that baltar is infact insane and six could just be a figure of his imagination.

    My personal opinion is she is “Real” in some sence, we’ve been lead to believe that a Cylons conciousness can be downloaded from one body to another when they die. It’s not beyond the realms of believability to think that six somehow download herself into Baltars brain. Bio Cylons are supposed to be identical to humans both inside and out so there shouldn’t be a problem with the biology-mechanics of it (perhaps that’s what to whole glowing spinal cord was all about).

    No way to know untill we get more info from the show, I don’t know much about psychology but it seems everything could be explained by mental instability on Baltars part just as well as if six was really there.

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    There are currently 4 trains of thoughts on this.

    One is the obvious, one variation of the “6” model (the one that loves him) planted a chip in Baltar’s brain, ala Scorpio, and can talk to him in secret without the other “6” models knowing. If you notice, each Cylon of the same model line behaves and thinks slightly differently although the basic programming may be the same. Human-like feelings might not be shared or transferred among Cylons. They may view those as a virus or worm program.

    Two, Baltar is so full of guilt and afraid of being discovered as “The Traitor”, although an unwittingly one, “6” is just something his mind created to torture himself or to keep his sanity. The devil on his shoulder kind of thing. So he is going insane.

    Three, Baltar *is* now a Cylon. “6” successfully made a copy of his brain pattern and transfered it to a newly created Cylon model. To protect his core Cylon programming for a later activation, “6” appears to Baltar to give instructions/hints on what to do next or to warn him of upcoming Cylon attacks/events, plus give him a fantasy to bonk off on.

    Four, Baltar had been secretly experimenting, unlawfully, with genetic enhancements based on A.I. technology and decided to inject/implant himself with his own creations. Most likely to increase his sexual performance…lol…j/k. The unintentional side effects makes him more Cyborg internally, as well as a target of interest for the Cylons. Or they can no longer be controlled by his mind, ala DS9 the “Statistical Probabilities” episode and it is happening more slowly. Another possibility is that the Cylons may have hacked their way into his implants.

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    I’m currently of the mind that #6 is figment of Baltar’s imagination, an image that his brain has cooked up as he descends into insanity. Originally I felt that she was a chip in his mind, but as the season progressed, I’ve changed my mind. To avoid any spoilers here, read my thoughts in the last few reviews of the first season.

    Mostly I just think that #6 has been doing too much to get Baltar power. At the same time she hasn’t really said anything to Baltar that he doesn’t already know on some level or another. There have been a couple minor examples to the contrary, but those could be dismissed as luck or just outright paranoia.


    Any thoughts on the physical effects she seems to have on him?.

    During Bastile Day she smashed his head into the mirror, we’ve also seen her hurt him in numerous ways, and lets try and forget the number of times she’s done more *ahem* pleasurable things.

    She can’t be there to do these things physically, so either she’s in his brain and is over riding his physical responses, or he’s doing these things to himself. We need a Psychologist here ๐Ÿ™‚


    Effectively, Gaius Baltar is insane.

    It doesn’t matter, if Six is in his brain as a chip, as a bioprogram downloaded when she told him to duck, or whether Baltar exists as a self-made cyborg, a cylon copy or self-deluded paranoic-schizophrenic.

    The FACT is that he talks to himself, smashes himself into mirrors twice, and hurts himself in dozens of public displays of masochism.

    Despite his obvious skill at masking his illness from others, Adama knows he’s crazy and so does Roslin.

    Adama parks Gaeta on Baltar to be a watchdog when Baltar works on the Cylon detector.

    Gaeta as the series progress shows is no technical slouch so Baltar will be unmasked soon..

    Roslin, herself, judges Baltar to have been involved in the Cylon attack. She just can’t prove it yet.

    Incidentally, if Laura has such antipathy for Baltar, what is it about Zarek that she knows that she would prefer Baltar to him?

    But back to Six, the Heifer:

    My preferred hypothesis is that she is an upload into Baltar’s mind from the Cylon that gave her life as his blast and radiation shield.

    Nanites and skin contact are my preferred explanation for the upload of Six, the Heifer, into Baltar’s schizoid mind.

    I guess that puts me in the chip camp.


    I tend to think that the 6 on the planet and the 6 in Baltar’s head are the same. The 6 on the ship that disappeared seemed to really not know Baltar at all, don’t think it was an act.

    6 on the planet is showing feelings of love, it is either she is the one that stayed behind or she is the link, or both.


    My prediction:
    – A clone of commander William Adama is soon to appear.
    – Like Lexx, the BSG crew is soon to land on earth to keep production cost down. ๐Ÿ˜€
    – … and Baltar is probably human.


    The Caprica 6 that fought with Starbuck said some things during the fight that suggests she has some knowledge from the Galactica, for example she hinted she knew Starbuck and Baltar had a thing happening.

    The Fleet 6 that accused Baltar as being a traitor gave no indication that she was a Cylon, even when she was alone with Baltar in the bathroom. I beleive that this one didnt know she was a Cylon, then again, how did she dissapear.

    The Galactica 6 is frustrating, no sooner we are convinced she is Baltars imaginary freind something happens to suggest she is more than that.

    I am not so sure about Baltar. How could he have survived the Nuclear attack? I seem to remember 6 telling him to Duck, but that cant have been enough. The point 6 is making is that he is the father of a half human half cylon, and therefore Baltar cannot be a cylon himself. (or is that the baby from Helo-Boomer)

    as for any other conjectures – I bet nobody predicted what would have happened at the end of Season 1, now that we know what the Cylon “Plan” is, whats the chances of figuring out what happens next.

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