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    I know I’ve been gone a long while, and it’s been a rough while, but I’m back in the saddle again, yes I’m back!

    So…who missed me?

    Who has any idea who I am?

    And why is The X-Files no longer discuss-able? 🙁 I have a nice X-Files fanfic that I’m writing and now? Now I’ve nowhere to post it for optimal geek critique. 😥

    Well I suppose I’ll get over it. Anywhoo–HI! I missed this place. *wanders around*


    heya Trance, nice to see you back

    I hope you post yer fic in the fanfic section!


    Good to have you back Trance!

    wait, i dont know who you are!

    but then you dont know who i am…

    so it all works itself out in the end 🙂


    Welcome back. Hope you stick around. 😀


    Thanks for the warm re-welcome, everyone! I will most certainly wander over to tne fanfic section with story in digital hand…I only have a few chapters so far, hope I can post periodically, because I write in spurts (I work a lot and don’t always feel the urge to write when I get home).

    Do you like my new icon? I made it myself and I’m insanely proud of it, so please, I’m fishing for compliments here! 😛


    ~~~>TG (Kat)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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