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    So of all the fictional ass-kicking Cluster Lizards, and hands-on-the-hip Captains staring off into the wilds of space, who’s your top 5 guys and gals through the ages?

    Here’s my list:

    5) Luke Skywalker

    After leaving his father out of my 5 favorite Villians, I feel I owe a bit of a nod to the Skywalker family.

    4) Xena

    Okay so I only caught the series here and there, but whenever I did, I was impressed. Where else can you find a six foot tall woman wearing skimpy outfits trying to redeem their evil soul?

    3) John Crichton

    Dorothy of Kansas stuck in the Uncharted Territories where every alien wants your wealth, heart, soul, or worse. A genuine archetype of the Human race. A year ago this guy wouldn’t of made my top-20, but now easily #3

    2) John Sheridan

    Another archetype of Humanity. Destroyed the only major alien ship in the Earth/Mimbar war, he led an insurrection against his own race, formed the largest alliance of aliens, and defeated two of the oldest races in the Galaxy. Not bad for a days work. But still a pale shade to the #1 hero of them all.

    1) Captain James Tiberius Kirk

    I’m not Star-Treks biggest fan by far. In fact I think it’s downright campy and goofy at times. But I find myself hard pressed to deny most of our modern television Science-Fiction heroes are completely modeled around this one character.

    Kirk always had the answer and a double-fisted jackhammer to back it up. He never lost, or gave up in the face of adversity and was a shining example of what our future could be like.

    Honorable mentions: Ender, Zim, Arthur Dent, Xev (not Zev!), and Jim DiGriz


    Well here’s mine

    Captain Kirk – Great leader, knows when to be tough and when to be kind. Always finds time for the ladies.

    Avon (Blake’s 7) A bit of a dark horse. Definitely good to have around when in a tight spot (if you can work out whos side he’s on). Definitely one of the good guys though he’d never admit it and always got that rather dangerous edge to keep you on your toes.

    Mal Reynolds (Firefly) Another good leader. Heart of gold, but knows when to put his foot down and be tough. Got a tender spot that just needs to be loved (Dammit Enara, what’s the matter with you woman?!)

    Ace Rimmer (Red Dwarf) What a guy! …sigh….

    Batman (The camp one) – Holy hero pickers! Good looking, rich, generous and would rescue your kitten from a tree. Such a gentleman too.

    That’ll do before I have to bring in the Soup Dragon and Mr Ben.


    here’s my heroes..
    5) Col. Jack O’Neill. i love his sense of humour, plus he knows how to kick butt when necessary!
    4) John Crichton… hmmmmmm…. ๐Ÿ˜›
    3) Avon- for me, he made Blake’s 7. a great character, well played.
    2)Susan Ivanova- yay, girl power!!!
    1)Data – you almost want to mother him….plus i’ve got him hanging from my car keys….


    Kai – Of course

    Han Solo

    Heris Serrano

    Miles Vorkosigan

    Corwin – Prince of Amber


    uhh… why does zim get an Honorable mention? he’s a baddie, now grr is good, he doesent want to rule anything, all he wants to do is eat tuna, and watch the scary monkey show

    ok, ok good guys

    #5. T-800 101, terminator, he makes a really effective bad guy and a just as effective good guy

    #4. HeMan, he’s just cool

    #3. Duo maxwell, pilot of the gundam Deathscythe Hell

    #2. Link from the legend of Zelda, i know its not scifi, or on screen, but i had to mention him, i mean come on he’s the hero of time

    #1. Goku…. strongest fighter in the universe, and a heart of gold to match


    Mine are:

    Londo Mollari: This dude is a total, TOTAL SadGeezer!…. and a half!

    Stanley Tweedle – he’s just SO real! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ace Rimmer – Wadda Guy! (though with a hair style like that I can’t believe his ‘bread is buttered right side up’) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Aeon Flux: A ruthless bitch with a heart and waddan outfit!

    Chode: Simply because he’s the most unlikely leader/spoaceship captain I’ve ever seen!


    Hi Fellow Sci-Fi Fans,
    My favourite Captains/spacships are:
    5th Dr: He’s so cool, young & always gets his bad creature.

    Capt. Picard: He’s so English, but always wins in the end, even as a Borg.

    Kai: He’s the cute dead guy, who used to be an assassin of the Divine Order, that was once alive; this is, untill the last episode ofd the 4th season.

    Sulu: He got this after the 5th movie & was almost as good if not better than Capt. Kirk; he would get the bad things most of the time.

    Dillian Hunt: He & the Andromeda gets the job done & gets the crew out ofd trouble; he also knows about 1 of the crew member’s secret. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sci-Fi Fans Unite,
    Jhevz ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1 – Rick Hunter (Robotech 1,2 and 3rd series – The ultimate good guy)
    2 – Zev (Need I say)
    3 – Max Sterling (Robotech 1,2 and 3rd series – Who doesn’t dream of being the worlds greatest fighter pilot : and he’s a geek.)
    4 – Neo (the whole matrix thingy is just so cool)
    5 – Rand (Robotech 3rd series – he’s so killer country)


    1. Mr T
    3. Bret the Hitman Hart
    5.Alice Cooper


    Ho-kay, here’s my list.

    5: Britaii (Robotech/Macross)

    I know he was evil fer most of the show but, I tend to have a thing for the honorable villan-turned-hero.

    4: G’kar (B:5)

    This guy almost qualified as a villan for the first part of the series. But by the end he had become just about as heroic as you could want.

    3: Sam Lawery (Brazil)

    Yeah, I really feel sorry for the guy. And I wish that his life had turned out better for him.

    2:Pilot/Moya (Farscape)

    They are just so…spiff-tastic. (wow, that was crappy)

    1: Nausicaa (Nausicaa…)

    Uhh, can’t think of an interesting (or cohereant) way to say that she is just so cool that stuff is things and yeah. ๐Ÿ˜•

    Sexecutioner wrote:

    1. Mr T
    3. Bret the Hitman Hart
    5.Alice Cooper

    dude im sure Mr. T, Bret Hart, and Alice Cooper are cool and all, but who are your 1 3 and 5 favorite FICTIONAL heros?


    Mr T, Bret Hart and Alice Cooper are all fictional characters.


    1. Kai[/b] You gotta love the way he talked smack to HDS despite the fact that his planet was just obliterated and he himself was nearly dead. What pluck! I kept waiting for him to tell HDS, ” I’ll bite your knees off!!! ” Then there’s just the coolness factor. Kai’s tall, dark, and as deadly as they come…*sigh*

    2. Han Solo[/b] In my mind, Han Solo is the only Star Wars good guy that could be classified as ‘ cool ‘. I could never go for the squeaky clean Luke Skywalker type. Han was just the right mix of bad boy and hero. Oh, and that mischeivous smile he had! *drool* This little geekette had Harrison Ford all over her bedroom walls back in the day.

    3. Ace Rimmer[/b] Did I mention the coolness factor? Anyone who can impress the Cat with his style and elan is a hero in my book. ๐Ÿ˜€ What woman wouldn’t swoon over a guy that comes to your rescue surfing on the back of an alligator, with SS officers in hot pursuit, and still finds the time to proposition you? What can I say but, “Whadda guy!

    4. Worf[/b] Coolness factor at work once again. Worf was just bad*ss. He was a bit like Kwai Chang Caine, a man who didn’t belong to any of the cultures that made up his heritage. He gave up what was most important to any Klingon in order to protect a society that never accepted him. He was more a Klingon that any of them living on the home planet.

    5. Captain Kirk[/b] Ahead, coolness factor 10! Kirk was the proto-space swashbuckler. He was far busy saving the Universe and getting the girl to be bothered with Starfleet Command and the Prime Directive. Real heroes can’t be bothered with paperwork.


    Plunk! Plunk! Another two cents in the jar.

    Captain Malcolm Reynolds I love a good smartass!

    Kai Come on, it’s a given.

    Chiana That Catwoman-esque quality works for me.

    Wolverine ‘Nuff said.

    Raven Daughter of Trigon from the old Teen Titan comic books, not the ‘toon.


    No. 1 – certainly Kai, Last of the Brunnen G.
    a) he’s drop dead gorgeous,
    b) I love heroic epic and his story is a shining example of a heroic epic,
    c) all those “the dead do not” quotes (and non-“the-dead-do-not” quotes as well) are fabulous,
    d) it’s an original and unique character, well-written, well-acted, well dressed,
    e) love that hairdo.

    Dr. Daniel Jackson – I like his pathological enthusiasm. Plus – I like intellectuals. Nothing against Jack and jack-isms, but Jackson is more fun.

    Stanley H. Tweedle – I’m secretly in love with him I think.



    And that’s it.

    lexxrobotech wrote:

    1 – Rick Hunter (Robotech 1,2 and 3rd series – The ultimate good guy)
    2 – Zev (Need I say)
    3 – Max Sterling (Robotech 1,2 and 3rd series – Who doesn’t dream of being the worlds greatest fighter pilot : and he’s a geek.)
    4 – Neo (the whole matrix thingy is just so cool)
    5 – Rand (Robotech 3rd series – he’s so killer country)

    Rick Hunter is a great choice, I need to grab the Macross saga on DVD ๐Ÿ˜€ Almost makes me make up a new list with Cloud Stife and Christopher Blair too


    1. Number 6, uh, well, duh!

    2. Leeloo: I don’t know what it is about the Fifth Element, but for some reason I’ve watched in more than any other movie. I think I’m impressed with the art and the editing, but I also like the Leeloo character. She’s fulla coolness and extra DNA.

    3. Sgt. Todd (Soldier): Kurt Russell had less than 60 words, but he was almost always onscreen and you always knew what he was thinking. I thought it was a very moving performance for a character that was largely viewed as a futuristic (actually historical)action role (it’s not). Am I the only non-veteran to see the series of parables in this movie?

    4. Deckard (Blade Runner): Is he or isn’t he?

    5. Tom Veil: Has just beat Kirk on my list. Won’t give up one set of negatives on principle, no matter the cost. Even finding out his memories are on a timer and are slowly being erased doesn’t make him give up, it makes him move faster. Yet he still finds time to help damsels in distress even when he’s reasonably sure he can’t trust them. What a guy! Too bad he falls for the same lies I did and ignores the same truths I did the first time through. The second time through it’s almost like watching a different show!


    Riggs&Murtaugh : Lethal Weapon 1-4
    โžก Great team of cops, they get the job done and have a great time doing it.

    Axel Foley : Beverly Hills Cop 1-3
    โžก Always hard to explain this one. Funny guy, and loveable.

    Mad Max : Mad Max, The Road Warrior, MM Beyond Thunderdome
    โžก I absolutely loved these movies and Max. Such a selfless guy caught in a terrible world. He manages to get what he wants, save the innocent, and get vengeance all at once.

    The Terminator : Terminator 2-3
    โžก Arnie is just so badass. That’s basically it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    John McClane : Die Hard 1-3
    โžก Remember back when they made action movies? I mean the real action movies, not that sappy crap they make today? Well John McClane was the greatest character in them. This guy could take pain and then dish it out. Saving countless lives while covered in blood, and still staying in style, McClane is a marvelous hero. Makes James Bond kinda look like a girly man.


    has anyone said the A-team?


    In no order,

    Leto II Atreides
    Mad Max
    Han Solo


    Oooh…that’s a hard one. Let me think ๐Ÿ˜•

    (In no particular order)

    1. G’Kar and Londo – a great double act, have to count them as one. I loved the bit where they were trapped in the lift together. Could be really funny but also quite touching.

    2. Gizmo from Gremlins. He drove a car! He’s so cute! His spawn is evil! ๐Ÿ˜†

    3. Wolverine. I’ve loved him since I was about 6. He’s just so cool. Plus he has the whole adamantium skeleton thing going on. Means he’s a New Romantic.

    4. Buffy. Yes, I know, probably not cool but I really liked Buffy especially from Season 4 onwards. After she died she became really cool.

    5. Ripley. According to a member of my family, she’s the coolest character EVER (not my words). And she allegedly had the best line in a movie ever – “Get away from her you bitch.”. And if I don’t vote for her I’ll be evicted!

    Bambooshoot ๐Ÿ˜€

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