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    So I just spent the last 4 days engrossed in this book. I loved the ideas, the mutation of the human into a new species….some of it was a bit tedious, but over all the atmosphere was well done especailly in the first two books. The third was not as well developed.

    My sister got Storm Constantine to sign the first of the Wraeththu Histories for me at this year’s DragonCon. So I’ll start that next week on my way to West Palm Beach (company’s natl meeting).

    Anyone else read any of the Wraeththu books?? Apprently there’s a RPG as well.


    Thanks for that – always interested in new and cool book recommendations. Certainly looks worth checking out!


    Can you tell a little more about it? 8)


    mysteriesofthesea wrote:

    Can you tell a little more about it?

    It’s a gothic inspired atmospheric take on the future. The Wraeththu are a race mutated from humans that are seemingly male but are actually a type of hermaphrodite, they evolve into clans and take control of their new society as the humans are on a quick decline, helped along by some of the more aggressive Wraeththu tribes.

    Themes of the book include conflict and the attempts at resolution between tribes, and the most important thematic issue of the series is each indivdual soul living to fulfill it’s true potential.

    As far as the hermaphrodite sexuality(and that’s a large part of the books) – it reminded me alot of Pie O Pah from Clive Barker’s Imagica novel. Except the Wraeththu are all very much describe as a race of beautiful gay men.
    And the author, Storm Constantine is a dyed in the wool, kohl eyeliner, white powdered goth – which definately shines through in the romanticism and melodrama of the story.

    It comes in a combined thick trade paperback, I found a copy in the Boston Public Library. And if you read any of Constantine, I have to insist that you read Tanith Lee afterwards. Because she is the Grand Mistress of the genre – and extremely accomplished in all the other genres she has tried her hand at…but the shining examples of Tanith Lee’s work are :

    The Tales from the Flat Earth (my fav: Night’s Master)
    The Secret Books of Paradys (fav of this series: The Book of the Damned)
    The Secret Books of Venus (and fav of this series: A Bed of Earth)

    and she’s written alot more…Ms. Lee has been publishing novels since the mid 70’s.

    Anyway…if dark moody possible futures or pasts are a distraction for you I’d highly recommend both of these authors.


    Sounds good… Sidhecafe, you should consider submitting the title to the Sci Fi Choice books section since you’ve already written a cool description.


    Now you have me scratching around to get out of my comfortably complacent existence and go look for the books you just described and very good descriptions they were too! 😀



    Logan, yeah I hadn’t intended to write that much about it, but you’re right, hopefully next week while I’m vacationing (visiting my sister) I’ll post my recommendation and more thoughts on the book in Scfi Choice.

    To Logan and mysteriesofthesea :

    Thanks both for the kind words, as ever!

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