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    Ok its probably been answered here before but what is the mystery behind the 2 Xev’s???

    was it a casting prob or a personal decision, i would love to know.



    Due to the delay between Season 1 and Season 2 the cast commitments to do season 2 expired. So the various actors were free to pursue other offers.

    Eva H had just signed an agreement to do a German Television show. She rearanged her schedule to allow some Bridge episodes to be films transfering the charter from Zev to Xev.

    Various episodes were rearanged and the Zev melting into a pool of goo was filmed. 😉


    Brilliant many thanks for that

    who was the better one do you think ❓


    Depends on who you ask.

    theBrother liked Zev, he thought she was more ‘real’ girl looking. 😉

    I have met and very much like Ms. Seeburg, but I thought that the chemistry between Zev and Kai was much better. Doubtless this was due to Ms. Habermann being a bit young and inexperienced while playing a character who is experiencing life and love for the first time.


    I like Zev… purely because I think Eva is the best looking girl I’ve ever seen. 👿



    well to be honest i am Xev man myself, although it is not because of her acting skills, she definately stirs something inside me 😉 , and that voice lol.

    Another question though if you please, if Zev and Xev are both part cluster lizard, why the change in costumes ??????

    Not that i am complaining just curious



    When Lyekka reconstitutes Zev as the new Xev- one part love slave, one part cluster lizard, add a dash of Potatohoan and stir vigourously- she is nude and covered in yellow goo. She eventually says something along the lines of ‘Well, I guess I’d better go and make myself an outfit.’. Stan replies ‘Out of what?’. As she walks away from the bridge she turns back and says ‘Out of cluster lizard skin, of course.’ Mind you, it’s never explained where that skin comes from.


    Girls whine more. 😀 Obviously for the story line the original costume had to be destroyed. Although I will be the first person to admit that the Beans have NEVER let logic get in the way of a story line. But I think also, it helped to illustrate that Xev was different for Zev.

    The costume change after that was even less exexplained. Who knew that a cryo-chamber could have a beautician attachment? She must have borrowed Kai’s custom chamber., with the Brunen-g ‘do restoration settings. But the wig was getting to her, and she thought that the costume made her look thick around the middle… so belly baring it was. 😀


    I like both girls, but I like Zev a bit better. Maybe it’s because she’s the blue one – cause I like light blue tones better than bright rich red tones.
    Nevertheless – they’re both cute and hot.

    My fave Xev look was the goth one from Vlad ep, when those three goth chicks took forms of Xev, Kai and 790…
    And Xev’s look in Brigadoom was superb – I loved her variation on Brunnen G hairdo…

    By the way – which Xev hair in s2 you liked more? The shorter bright red one or the longer – sort of ginger coloured one she had in first few eps?
    I still can’t decide.

    n5 -kopele

    I certainly prefer Zev to Xev, she’s better looking and better acting. I like her accent too. Besides I really liked her with white hair. Too bad Xenia Seeberg’s skin is darker and white hair wouldn’t suit her. I agree that she looked best in Vlad with black hair and clothes!


    I like Zev better too. She seems more compassionate than Xev, Xev is just passionate. 😳

    Renee .S

    I liked Xev better. Although I think that they each played almost separate characters. Zev was more naive in everything coming straight out of a box with no human contact (like the way she looked at Thodin, kissing a real man for the first time), she seemed more instinctual and extreme, more agressive and emotional. Then when Xev arrives and as the seasons go on, I think she becomes more experienced and maybe a little wiser in life (especially when she almost gives up Kai in season 3 because ‘there was no future in loving a dead man’…until she meets live Kai). As far as physical appearance, I agree with Cesare and really liked Xev in Brigadoom. The dark hair with the red outfit looked stunning on her. Secondly, I liked her with her short red hair (not the initial longer ginger color), and then her blond. Another great look for Xev was as a wrestler.


    Zev getting more votes than Xev??? This is just… wrong.

    Xev. For lots of reasons I can’t be bothered to post (again).

    Personally I thought she looked a lot better with red hair… Why they decided she should stick with the straggly brown/blonde hair all the way through series 3 and 4 I don’t know…

    n5 -kopele

    Renee.S, that’s exactly what I like about Zev:)
    Besides, she’s sexier. And Xev with red hair… I think it’s her worst look. I don’t remember if I already wrote his, but I think she looked best in 4.8 – Vlad with long black hair and black clothes. Leopatra in 4.21 also wasn’t bad:)
    By the way the long blond hair is Xenia Seeberg’s normal hair. In season 2 she appeared with short red hair, because she didn’t want to be just the next blond beautiful girl in a TV show. Then, as the fans got used to her appearance, she performed her normal hair.

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