Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 7): Character Biographies

The characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer are exactly what makes a show unique. The characterisation is usually deep and insightful, and acting is superb.

Character development plays a huge part in the show, and after six years all the major player came a very long way, none of the original gang is what they used to be – some of them you can hardly recognise from their season one selves!

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The Vampire Slayer herself! Young, pretty, a fearless warrior and protector of the people – she who can single-handedly kick all the evil into submission and still have great hair.



The best friend, great hacker and a powerful witch all rolled into one cute redhead package. She”s also jewish and gay!



Construction worker by day, stalwart sidekick by night and on his days off!



The former Big Bad, deranged through the miracle of evil science.



The Vengeance Demon, the businesswoman, the jilted girlfriend.



The Watcher, father figure, ex-librarian, ex-shopkeeper and ex-wizard with a great singing voice.


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