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The LEXX Crew

Zev, Stanley & Kai in the LEXX

Stanley TweedleWimpish Captain
Kai Handsome Killer!
Zev BellringerSexy and Ruthless
Xev Bellringer – Ruthless and Sexy
LyekkaA Sweet Plant
Poetic Robot Head
The LEXXHey, LEXX is people!


King Bog, the Game Show Host

His Devine ShadowThe Ultimate Baddie
MantridThe Mad Pickling Scientist
The Prince of FireCommandingly Bad
Divine PredecessorsThe Old Brains
Feppo & SmoorBadass Shirt-lifters
King BogKing of the Pile
Sweet Little Predator

Good Baddies

Thodin the Miraculous and Giggerota the Wicked

GiggerotaCannibal with a Big Tongue
PoetmanCool, Lyrical Geezer


ThodinMiraculous Geezer
SquishCuddly Cluster Lizard
YottskryMuch maligned Cleric

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