LEXX: Biography: The LEXX

LEXX is a living, planet-killing spaceship that looks like a big bug and can talk!

You wouldn’t take the LEXX into a pub, it’s too big. The LEXX is the size of a small island and would get stuck in the doorway. Wouldn’t it be great though, to arrive at the pub in the LEXX huh!  Better still, arrive in a moth then when you and yer buddies are drunk, ask the LEXX to destroy the moon – wadda party-piece!  Your friends would certainly be impressed!

The LEXX was grown from an enzyme transported in Stanley Tweedle’s tooth. This makes Stanley it’s mum as far as I’m concerned. Stanley is also it’s captain.

Arriving at BrunnusI wont bore you with the story of how LEXX came to be captained by Stanley as this is explained at the start of each episode and IS the first episode. All I can say about it is that it is bloody big, shaped like a giant moth or dragon fly and can destroy planets by shooting a very powerful beam of light emanating from, and focused by, it’s eyes.

I don’t actually know what sex the LEXX is. This became important in episode two when Zev takes a shower. My concerns are explained in the review of ‘Supa Nova’. But no-one takes them seriously so I wont bother explaining them here.

The LEXX was bread do destroy planets for His Divine Shadow, It was programmed not to attack anything which was loyal to him. It was unable to return fire on the MegaShadow for instance, and refused to destroy the Cluster when Stanley asked this of it in the first episode.

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However, towards the end of the first episode, the LEXX flies through a Fractal Core, which damages its memory. Flying through a Fractal CoreFrom then on, the LEXX is able to smash anything Stanley Tweedle asks it to AND more importantly, act on its own initiative.

This is evident in episode three, ‘Eating Pattern’ when the LEXX finds a planet with food and heads for it without being commanded to by Stan. In the same episode it decided to blow up Klaagia to save itself from the unwanted advances of Big Wist.

The voice of LEXX is warm and friendly and, it has to be said, a little bimboish. It is probably the only innocent character of the whole series. In the German, series, the voice of the LEXX is female.

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