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LEXXCons are just wonderful! and they have been staged in the United States, England, Moscow, Sweden and Canada. This section provides write-ups (with pictures) of some of the early ones conventions.

LEXXcons – the Early Years

Todd as Stanley, HDS as Kai and Tree as Xev at the UScon Recon Mission to Dragon Con 2002LEXX at DragonCon – Atlanta, USA – August 2002.

theFrey’s excellent account of the LEXXian representation at 2002’s DragonCon. (local – also at thefrey.com)

Uncon LEXX Vagas

Friday May 17th thru Sunday May 19th 2002. (thefrey.com)

LEXX UNConvention 2001, Halifax, Nova Scotia – Unconadoom!

(StarfireOne’s pictures and video clips! And checkout the writup inc. (angelfire.com)

LEXX Wedding – Preston, March 2000

Not strictly a convention, but still – a big LEXX gathering. Took down the writ-up coz we’re too shy  🙂 )


A small but really fun gathering at a time when most people had never heard of the show.  SadGeezer & NewKate’s pics

The Halifax Un-Convention, Canada 1999

The Halifax Un-Convention, Canada 1999
SadGeezers review and pictures (local)
also the Picture Archive Page One, Page Two, Page Three (local)

Halifax Herald news item

This appeared in the newspaper on 14th August 1999.  Our very own SadGeezer (yes me) was interviewed by the Halifax Herald (Nova Scotia). Also with an extra pic HERE.

The Heretics Ball, Moscow

SadGeezers review and pictures (local).  Another chance to put a face to a name from fans who met in the LEXX chatroom.

The Nottingham Cluster Convention

SadGeezers review and pictures of a focused LEXX fan meetup.  Although the group was small, they were from all over Europe.  Many of the people had already become friends in the LEXX chatroom.

LEXX o’Rama, Sweden

This was the first recorded fan meetup (that I’m aware of anyway) alas the links are now dead and have been removed.

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