Test your Red Dwarf knowledge and stuff

A test for all aficionados of Red Dwarf. Find out if you are a:

There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering. You should click the radio button next to your answer then select ‘Rate Me’ at the end.

Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious Sad-Geezer Purity Psychometric Test and is based on your perception, intelligence and social interaction sort of.

1. The first Red Dwarf episode was called:
a. In The Beginning
b. All Dead Dave
c. The End

2. No clues!
These ladies were:
a. Psirens
b. The crew of Nova 5
c. Kryten’s obsession

3. No clues!
Cat and Lister are gesturing to:
a. Rimmer
b. Toastie Toaster
c. Kryten

4. Lister is:
a. The last human alive
b. Cat’s god
c. A Smeghead

5. No clues!
This is:
a. Ace Rimmer’s spaceship
b. Who cares – I want one!
c. Red Dwarf

6. No clues!
This is:
a. Camille: A Green Blob
b. Camille: A pleasure GELF
c. Camille: My dream partner

7. In which Season did Kryten first appear
a. Season 2
b. Season 3
c. Season 4

8. Rimmers Best friend is:
a. Himself
b. Rachel
c. Lister

9. No clues!
Kochanski is shot by:
a. Lister
b. Her son
c. Kryten

10. No clues!
This friendly character is:
a. The Inquisitor
b. A rogue Mechanoid

11. “Small portions. but so many courses.” Was the phrase used to describe:
a. The difference between Rimmer and other holograms on the Holoship when making love.
b. Rimmers use of the word Geronimo
c. Krytens culinary skills

12. Holly fell in love with:
a. A Sinclair ZX81 and Hilly
b. Queeg
c. Hilly and Lister

13. The song that Cat sang in Parallel Universe was:
a. Tong Tied
b. Dooby Durgle
c. I did it my way

14. No clues!
This is a scene from:
a. The episode ‘Blue’
b. The episode ‘Back to Reality’
c The episode ‘Debbie does Dallas’

15. Space Corps Directive 68250 is:
a. Impossible without at least one live chicken and a Rabbi
b. “Any officer caught sniffing the exercise bicycle of the women’s gym will be discharged without trial!”
c. “In an emergency power situation, a human crewmember must lay down his life in order that a hologram may survive.”

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