The Prisoner: Purity Test

There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering. Click the radio button next to each answer then select ”Rate Me” at the end.

Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious Sad-Geezer Prisoner Psychometric Test and it’s based on your perception, intelligence and social interactionsort of.  In fact it’s so accurate that you will be able to take it to any court (that you’re appearing as a defendant) and use it as a character witness!

This is one of the harder SadGeezer Purity Tests, so please take your time.

1. What is/are Rover/s?
a. Your inflatable friend that’s fun to be with
b. Big and bouncy balls that are fun to play with
c. Big and bouncy balls that are really best not taken out in public.
2. Who is The Prisoner?
a. John Drake
b. The Village Idiot
c. Some guy

3. Who is Number 6?
a. He is not a number
b. He is a free man
c. Six of one, half a dozen of the other

4. What is the Village?
a. A nudist retreat
b. A leper colony
c. A small town

5. Never trust a woman…
a. Even the four-legged variety
b. Especially the eight-legged Black Widow variety
c. Because they’ll always try to toy with boobs such as yourself

6. You wake up one morning and find yourself in The Village: What do you do?
a. Look for the nearest Pub
b. Go back to sleep
c. Wonder if it’s too late to withdraw your resignation

7. Why?
a. Does not compute
b. Because it is
c. Why not?

8. Why did Number 6 resign?
a. He needed a vacation
b. Because he would not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, dressed, undressed, or numbered
c. Number 6 didn’t resign

9. Who is Number 1?
a. You are number 6
b. Riker
c. Numero Uno

10. In A Change of Mind, is The Prisoner declared:
a. Unmutual
b. Asexual
c. Mind your own business

11. The Prisoner prepares a sculpture for an Arts and Crafts Competition, which of the following best describes the piece?
a. Escapist art
b. Conceptual art
c. Artsy fartsy

12. Where am I?
a. In the Village
b. Neither here nor there
c. This is all some kind of strange, surreal dream. Hang on, but if this is a dream, then why isn’t Number 2 covered in whip cream?

13. Whose side are you on?
a. The wrong side
b. The right side.
c. The left side

14. What is the Butler:
a. Your manservant
b. Your “little guy”
c Short

15. You had to chose one of the following, you would consider calling your baby son?
a. Number 1
b. Number 2
c. Number 6

The Prisoner Purity Test is © 2003 Greg “Logan” M.H.M
Not for reproduction without the authors permission

Prisoner names, characters and everything else associated with
the series are the property of Carlton International.

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