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Six of one is the Science Officer of Jupiter 42.

She’s also the most drop-dead gorgeous computer sprite I’ve ever seen! Those big… round… white eyes are stunning!

Having said that, some SadGeezers complained bitterly and were annoyed that the look of the character in the Sy Fy TV version was considerably worse than the original short.

If you were to meet Six in the pub …. Well, what can I say? I guess she’d be the centre of attention; the whole room would go quiet. Girls would look at that dress and wish they could wear one like it…. I guess so would some of the boys! But most geezers would be wholly focused on what was underneath, especially when she was walking – then they would righteously receive a swift left hook from their girlfriends. Six herself would adore the attention.

So many people were excited to see the actress Terry Farrell agree to play the voice of Six of one that we forget who was actually credited with the voice in the first episode. It was Patricia Beckman who spoke Six’s dulcet tones. Terry didn’t even appear in the second episode teaser, but she was going to be in TTR2. Farrell was originally cast as Six for the TV series, but after recording the first two episodes, she left the role of Six. To replace her Six is now voiced by vetran actress Gina Gershon. Gershon rerecorded the lines of Six for the first two episodes for continuity reasons. However it was Farrell’s voice was used during Sci Fi’s commercial blitz the month before the series began. But Gina Gershon left too after a season, and the TPTB decided to replace her with a more popular sex symbol, Carmen Electra. Six’s voice has the life expectancy of a Spinal Tap drummer. In this geezer’s opinion, Beckman had the best voice for Six, it’s been downhill since then.
Six of one may look like a model, but she walks like a brick! She has the severest case of flat feet I’ve ever seen and this must be a terrible affliction for her. But what she lacks in ambulatory dexterity, she makes up for with….. brains!

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Yes, brains. She is quick witted (emphasis on the wit) and pretty good in a fix. Her understanding of the situation when her Captain was about to be carved up by Bobo the Dark Clown was almost breath taking. Lets face it; such problem solving technique also requires considerable nerve. Yes it does! Can you see yourself taking your clothes off, sticking a small plastic trumpet up your bum and farting… all to save a purple dude with three eyes and floppy ears?! I know I wouldn’t!

Six doesn’t like to be thought of a sexbot with some knows some boring science stuff. She wants to come off as a brilliant cyborg who likes to get it on. Fat chance! This isn’t the most popular page on the site because she can solve a Gaussian Integral, its because she can fake over 2,000 types of orgasms in over 6,000 alien languages. I didn’t even know there were that many kinds of orgasms! See, Six can teach us some scientific crap after all…

Six has a tatoo of the Mandarin Chinese character for “6” on her left breast. It’s a play on everything being made in China.

And yet, she’s a complete nutter! Anyone with that much intelligence, charm, big front soft bits and a husky voice surely needs their head examining falling for a bloke like Chode.

He’s a foul-mouthed ugly dude and how much do ya wanna bet that Six’s parents are extremely disappointed. Yep, she could do much better! Erm… Me for instance!

Six was pretty promiscuous in the computer shorts. Bonnie Hammer wanted her to be more intelligent in the series so she was made to be less of a slut. But now in the second season, that’s changed again. Six has dropped the faux-puritan act and has gone back being the oversexed science officer.

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The evolution of Six of one

These are some of the original concept drawings for the character Six of one

the first 3d render

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