Babylon 5: Ships: Brakiri

Brakiri Avioki Battlecruiser

Avioki BattlecruiserThe Brakiri cruiser has four grav beams. “What are grav beams?” I hear you ask. Grav beams are long range weapons which work by creating an artificial gravity well, and using it as a weapon to blow up ships! This weapon makes Earth-forces heavy lasers look like toothpicks! (they have a longer range, do more damage, but take an age to charge, and are power hogs) It also has four graviton pulsars, used for antifighter work (all Brakiri tech is based on gravitic technology, and they are masters at it).

The ship itself is run by Ak habil conglomerate, a company which is part of the Brakiri Navy (all Brakiri ships are run by companies, which are based on transmissions from 20th century earth.) if you would like any more Brakiri information, I’ve got loads, but no pics.

Thanks to Dakkagor for the info.

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