Official! Daleks order Humans to Self Isolate!

It’s Official!  The Daleks have ordered all humans to Self-Isolate:

Daleks order Humans to Self-isolate

It’s a shame about the wind because the audio was really good  🙂  It looks as though it’s in some British village (you can tell because of the roundabout I guess)

No doubt it cheered up a lot of people who were going a bit stir crazy in whatever village that is 🙂

This was posted by Bhargav Hazarika on Youtube. There aren’t many other cool sci fi videos concerning self isolation – many of us are hold up with coughs and high temperature.  This was really cheery – great job! Discuss this in the forums. If you hear of any other cool Sci Fi tropes or posts on the internet, please post a comment in the forum – or email me at my ‘sadgeezer’ email address on

By the way, while we’re on the subject… did you know that there was a book published in 1981 by the author Dean Koontz called “The Eyes of Darkness.”  It’s a science fiction novel that references a fictional “biological weapon” called, would you believe, “Wuhan-400”! It bears little or no relation to the coronavirus though, it either kills you outright or gives children psychic powers.  The story is however, from what I can remember, set in 2020’s. Hmmmmm.

Hope you are all well and happy and not suffering too much from the confines of your home – jeez wadda weird salutation – sign of the times I guess.

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