Babylon 5: Ships: Centauri

Primus Battlecruiser This is one sexy spaceship! It’s about 1200 meters long and has a crew complement of over 800 (and can also carry a thousand troops). Although it looks bloody lovely, it can pack a wallop with 4 X-Ray lasers and 8 pairs of particle beam lasers and other weapons!. ce-prim2.jpg (13857 bytes)Not surprisingly it is the capital ship of the Centauri fleet. There are very few ships that can beat it (although the Narn fans among you keep emailing me to say that one was destroyed by a Narn Starcruiser, but that was just luck!) As the premier warship of the Centauri, it houses twelve fighters two transports. The Primus can also be fitted with the very naughty and deadly Mass Driver Cannons, banned just about everywhere (they were used in the last subjugation of the Narn homeworld).

Centauri Vorchan WarshipVorchan Warship Since the Centauri are into sex, it’s no surprise that their warships are shaped like a big phallic symbols with wings.

The Centauri Sentri Fighter

 These are not as big as the Centauri Primus Battlecruiser and not as powerful as the Narn Starcruiser but are more maneuverable. The Vorchan Warship does have it’s own jump-point generator. It is about 800 meters in length and has two Beam weapons and about 90 crew members.

Centauri Sentri Fighter This sweet little spaceship is useless unless accompanied by many more Sentri Fighters. It’s only 3.5 meters long (not tip to tip) and as such, is very maneuverable. It has one crewmember who is able to fire two particle beam weapons. It is also very fast! What the fighter lacks in power it can make up for in numbers. It is therefore usual for the Centauri to carry large numbers of Sentri’s when going into battle.

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