Babylon 5: Ships: Narn

The Narn StarcruiserNarn Starcruiser  This handsome ship is big and cumbersome but it does have some very powerful weapons. It is over 1 km long, 500 m wide but since the ship is so big it corners like a slug. It has at least a thousand crew members and its weaponry is mine-launchers, missile launchers and beam weapons and any and all guns the Narns can get their hands on. It also carries many Frazi Fighters on board. The Starcruiser is equipped with a narn-cr1.jpg (13250 bytes)jump-point generator but there is no artificial gravity.

The Narn Heavy Cruiser is a BRUTE of a spaceship and one of the most credible (‘I’m gonna kick your effin ass boyo’) looking battleships.  No info yet, still hunting some out – thanks to PJ Lamy for the pic).

Narn Frazi Fighter

Frazi Fighter  I don’t have very much info on this little ship – it has one crewmember. The Frazi Fighter normally only accompanies the Starcruiser since the T’Loth class cruiser (not reviewed) cannot carry fighters.

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