Babylon 5: Ships: The Shadows

Shadow Battleship   The Shadow BattlecruiserThese resemble huge scary spiders with ten spines protruding from each side. They are as powerful as the Vorlon fighters and can also shoot a deadly slicer beam. they also have something called a Hyperwave Disrupter (according to Voltaire). They measure approximately one kilometer from spine tip to spine tip and are extremely maneuverable.  They’re black of course, not just any old black, but deep black. The pilot is in there permanently, I’m not sure if he/she is a volunteer, but they are not Shadows.

Another picture of a Shadow MothershipLike the Vorlon ships, they are made of an organic material. If damaged the ship can act like a wounded animal; depending on it’s personality, it could retreat to lick it’s wounds (unlikely) or get angry.  To augment the main weapon, there is a complement of grubby little fighters.

Instead of relying on jumpgates, Shadow vessels can phase into and out of normal space. The Shadow propulsion system can be detected since it leaves a tell-tale trail of neutrino emissions.  This is a really sexy spaceship, a gangly, but very graceful looking and smooth. By the way, if you touch this skin of a Shadow Battlecruiser you will die.  Useful for stopping joyriders don’t you think?

Shadow ScoutShadow Scoutship  This ship is also piloted by a ‘sentient being’ and despite the naff picture, this ship is pretty cool.  The main difference between this and the Battleship is that it sports an huge array of sensor equipment and communications gear.  It also has a less powerful bit still deadly Laser Beam Slicer weapon.  These ships proved very effective and never has an alien race been able to sneak up on the Shadows these are the stealthiest ships in the Babylon Universe..

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Shadow Fighter

Shadow Fighters  These chubby little fighters are piloted by a single ‘sentient person’ but the ship is primarily controlled by the Battleship.  The weaponry consists of a bolt of energy which is sort of spat out!  In his excellent review of Babylon 5 technology, Voltaire calls this ship a Spitfire.  I’ve never heard it called that before, but the name is apt for this agile and deadly little fighter.

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