Production 10
Direction 9
Characterisation 8
Storyline 7
Acting 8
Fun/Sexy/Cool 9

A skilled extractor is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible

Summary 8.5 awesome
Production 1.4
Direction 1.3
Characterisation 1.5
Storyline 1.1
Acting 1
Fun/Sexy/Cool 0.8
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Summary 1.2 terrible

Inception (2010): Movie Review

As head-bonk films go, this is up there with the best, awesomely put together (I actually rated this a 10 for production) and the direction was also really, really tight.   Don’t read the next sentence if you haven’t seen the film yet……

It was all a dream!  No, ….. no, bollocks, yes it was! – The wobbly-bobbly-spinny thing never fell over during the whole film, yes it bobbled but you never saw it fall over.

Was that a spoiler?  I honestly don’t know.  This was a flipping awesome film if you like to get tied up in knots and conundrums and mind-bonks and things that make you go ‘hmmmm’.  If you like mindless comic book films with kiddy-intellect level jokes then you will not enjoy this so much (though you might like the graphics and production).

As something interesting to watch, it’s truly great, it seems that each scene was lovingly created and marvellously crafted, even the rather average looking acting talent looked good.  Also, as stories go, this was very rich, there is always something to think about and no boring bits – you will not be saying ‘get on with it!’ at all during this film. Characters are interesting and sometimes a little complex, especially DiCaprio.  I’m not a big fan of this dude but he was really great in the film – I found myself getting behind the character (whether he was dreaming or not) and willing him to win through.

In fact, I’d love to bemoan this film is some way but the biggest criticism I can give it is that you wont get it in one viewing.  Thank god it’s not in the cinemas at the moment or you might have felt cheated.  If you bought it on blue-ray or dvd or are watching it on TV, at least you can re-watch it to try and make sense of it later.  Erm… is that also the best thing about it, is it awful because you have to watch it again and awesome because you have to watch it again – am I dreaming…. starting to wobble… bobble…..

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