Nowhere Man: Characters and Clues: Hidden Agenda

Tom’s photo, Hidden Agenda, is the main cause of the disruption of his life.Hidden Agenda

On the night of his erasure, the photo and all of the prints were stolen, but as an experienced combat photojournalist Tom habitually hides his negatives. The Organization demands Tom hand over the damning negative, but he refuses on the basis of journalistic integrity. Tom has spent his life in pursuit of the undeniable truth of photography; allowing the government to cover up an impromptu execution would go against everything he believes in.

Hidden Agenda was taken in the jungles of Chile, on a scoop given to him by an expatriate journalist Harrison Barton, a colorful character who manages to make a living on news items he picks up in brothels. When they find the encampment, they are shocked to discover the soldiers are not actually US soldiers, but some private American military group, in all likelyhood the Organization’s militia the American Guard, who is going to great lengths to make it appear there is a US Army presence in Chile.

Barton is executed without ceremony when they are discovered by the soldiers. Four local rebels raid the camp before Veil can be executed and take him prisoner. The rebels allow him to leave unharmed on his word that he will publish the story in every newspaper he can find. Shortly thereafter, the guerrillas are captured by the soldiers, Tom follows, and within what seems like seconds they are hanged at the camp.

At least, that’s how Tom remembers it.

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