SadCAST: News & Reviews: S01E13

This episode of SadCAST was recorded in October (Friday 13th) 2006. The show notes were unfortunately lost. The presenters were: SadGeezer, Mike, Lexxrobotech and Headgehog.

Topics for discussion included Battlestar Galactica new season (3). Sci Fi show ratings. The new sci fi comic animated reality TV show, Drawn Together started on October 5th on Comedy Central.

In part two we discussed (and checked out) the release of Nightmare before Christmas in 3D and wondered if the new sci fi show with Claudia Christien called Starhyke was going to be as bad as the theme tune. We also took a look at Eureka from the Sci Fi channel.

Again, this show was uploaded to YouTube in the days when there was a time length limit for up-laoded videos.  We therefore had to split the show into two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

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