SadCAST: News & Reviews: S01E14

Sorry for the poor sound quality at the beginning of this sci fi news and reviews podcast.  It was recorded in the days before Youtube and the cool editing tools that enthusiastic fans could use – look at this as a piece of sci fi nerdy history  🙂

This show was recorded in 2006. Warning: mild nudity. Presenters for this show were SadGeezer (in the UK), Hollidays (Canada) and theFrey (USA).

Sci Fi News & Reviews Podcast

Battlestar Galactica and Heroes TV series were reviewed

Also, Lost and Torchwood tv shows were discussed and Girl Genius, the graphic Novel was reviewed by The Frey.

Alas, this is a Two Parter as in those days, YouTube had a time size limit on uploaded video and we had to split the show into two.

SadCAST: News & Reviews: S01E14 – Part 1

SadCAST: News & Reviews: S01E14 – Part 2

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