The Empty Land – The First Volume of The Shadow Histories

The Empty Land is the first of six books in the Shadow Histories series by A Murti Schofield.

In this story, the main character, Cody Conmar, must discover her abilities to prevent another war between worlds before all traces of humanity are removed from the face of the Earth. Schofield provides readers an opportunity to escape the world as they know it and channel imaginative impulses in this never-before-experienced adventure. The ability to take part in this type of journey, one that surpasses the typical non-fiction narrative, is something that readers deeply desire.

Schofield’s idea to base the evolution of the story in a past time period but simultaneously give it a futuristic feel is an ingenious development that creates a creatively lucid interpretation for the reader. The Empty Land reveals light amidst the darkness when it delves into the hope for mankind during perilous times, and in doing so, draws a parallel between these fictitious events and events taking place in the world today, which grounds the reader in a relatable perception of reality. This book is a brilliantly written masterpiece that serves as a fantastic escape into the realm of fantasy for readers of all ages.

Extract from the Shadow Histories website:  The Author:

From early childhood Murti was influenced by visual and classic story telling in all its forms. Today he loves novels, illustrated books, graphic novels and film in equal measure, but it is comics that he acknowledges as the most formative and lasting influence on his creative life. He grew up nurtured by the visionary power of the comic book, realising that images and words, working together, were a very special form of magic.

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Ideas, and the power they could wield, fascinated him. Some ideas excited him more than others but in his mind there were no bad ideas, only the challenge of finding imaginative ways to make them work.

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