The Kings Avatar Episode 14 Review Live Action (Quanzhi Gaoshou) – Great!

Review of Episode 14 The Kings Avatar: 全职高手 - Quan Zhi Gao Shou , 电视剧全职高手, Dian Shi Ju Quan Zhi Gao Shou
The Kings Avatar: 全职高手 – Quan Zhi Gao Shou – Review of Episode 14. 电视剧全职高手 , Dian Shi Ju Quan Zhi Gao Shou

In the previous episode the amazing All Star Tournament was concluded with Ye Xiu (or more specifically Ye Qui) performing the almost impossible ‘Dragon Head Rising’ move while pretending to be Tang Rou who was playing against Sun Xiang who was, at the same time, pretending to be one of his other team players but was playing badly.  Confused? you will be!

Although it was really good to watch, that sort of thing just wouldn’t happen in any gamer tournament – anywhere!  The idea that someone from the audience could casually walk behind the stage to where the gamers are playing and then take over the console of one of the contestants while pretending to be him  (or her) is bonkers!  But it was certainly great to see Sun Xiang get his but kicked by Ye Xiu.


This would certainly have severe repercussions for everyone who knows Ye Xiu.  All the media know that he is still around and that he can seemingly appear at will and play the almost impossible Dragon Head Rising move for rookie players during tournaments. As you can imagine, it also puts an intolerable strain on the Jiashi Guild who are desperately trying to pretend he doesn’t exist anymore.

The biggest consequence however is that this would be difficult to hide from the lovely Chen Guo.  A meetup with her idol is almost unavoidable – will Ye Xiu be able to meet her expectations!?

This episode is about that drama, it’s about her finding out, about how she and others deals with the aftermath. It’s actually pretty good, my explaining the premise shouldn’t put you off, this is one of those filler episodes that is both relaxing and funny to watch, even the comedy scenes were tolerable.

The most disappointing element of the episode however is that the very impressive announcer lady did not play any role in the show – not a single scene!

If you need a recap of the story so far, all the previous episode reviews are here: Kings Avatar Live Action News & Reviews Thread.

Key Players Appearing In This Episode

The Kings Avatar Live Action Yang Yang as Ye Xiu, Ye Qui and Lord Grim Name:  Ye Xiu
ID:  Lord Grim (Jun Mo Xiao)
Class:  Un-Specified
Guild:  Unassigned (sometimes plays as member of Lanxi Pavilion).  Once known as God Ye Qui when he was with Excellent Era (jiashi).  He currently works for Chen Guo who does not know he was once known as the Fighting God Ye Qui.
The Kings Avatar Live Action 'Maggie' Jiang Shuying as Chen GouName:  Chen Guo
ID:  Chasing Haze
Class:  Gunner
Guild:  Unassigned. Manager Happy Internet Cafe (pet name of GuoGuo by Tang Rou).  Her idol is the Fighting God Ye Qui and she doesn’t know that this person is Ye Xiu in real life. She is a very enthusiastic supporter and player of Glory but we rarely see Chen Guo win a match.
The Kings Avatar Live Action 'Debbie' Li Yuhao as Xiao Tang, Tang RouName:  Tang Rou
Soft Mist
Unassigned. Tang Rou is affectionately called Xiao Tang (Little Tang) by Chen Guo. She originally thought that Glory was boring but was beaten by Ye Xiu in a duel and has vowed to get even.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Zhao Chulun as Tao XuanName:  Tao Zuan
Team Boss of Excellent Era (Jiashi).  Committed to making the guild the best and most profitable.  He is ruthless enough to fire his star player (Ye Xiu) because he thought it is what the sponsors would have wanted.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Liang Yimu as Sun XiangName:  Sun Xiang
Autumn Leaf
Excellent Era (Jiashi).  Is new to Excellent Era which was handed to him after it was taken away from Ye Xiu. His  previous class was a Berserker.  He is not very popular with Su Mucheng.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Lai Yumeng as Su MuchengName:  Su Mucheng
Dancing Rain
Excellent Era (Jiashi).  Childhood friend and staunch ally of Ye Xiu and his biggest supporter.  She is a exceptional Gunner who is rated as the best in the game.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Gao Hanyu as Yu WenzhouName:  Yu Wenzhou
Swoksaar (aka Su Ke Sa’er)
Blue Rain (Lan Yu) Very highly respected player and venerable team captain of Blue Rain.  Accomplished tactical player known as one of the Four Tactician Masters in Glory
The Kings Avatar Live Action Yu Yonghai as Huang ShaotianName:  Huang Shaotian
Troubling Rain
Blue Rain (Lan Yu).  Vice-captain of Blue Rain.  Is sometimes used as a weapon to disorientate his opponents with his quick speech and aggressive, antagonistic banter.
Sleeping MoonName:  Chang Xian
Sleeping Moon (aka Little Moon)
Full Moon (Yue Lun) a lesser known guild new to the 10th Server. Captain and Boss . Little Moon is a journalist intern and huge fan of Ye Qui – but he doesn’t know he is Ye Xiu (the Network Manager of the Happy internet Cafe that he frequents) or Jun Moxiao (Lord Grim) on the 10th Glory Server.  In his day job, he is a reporter (or probably just an intern journalist at the local newspaper)
The Kings Avatar Live Action Gu Youming as Han WenqingName:  Han Wenqing
Desert Dust
  Tyranny.   He is the Captain and a very respected player in the professional Glory player community.  He is older than most of the other players (by about a year  🙂 ) and was also considered Ye Qiu’s true rival amongst the professional Glory players.

The Kings Avatar Episode 14 Review

At the end of the last episode, Ye Xiu utters the phrase “Every time I leave unwillingly, what I expect is the final return.” – Yep, it still doesn’t make much sense.

The Kings Avatar 14-01 When I go I come, when I leave I am triumphant in my return, maybe?
I come, I go, I am triumphant (maybe?)

In the auditorium, the fans are all leaving, the excitement is over…  all that is, except for Chen Guo.  She realises that Ye Qui is still around and for the first time, that Ye Xiu maybe Ye Qui.  She remembers all the indicators and the clues that he and others have provided.

The Kings Avatar 14-02 Chen Guo begins to realise that Ye Xiu maybe Ye Qui
Chen Guo doesnt look too happy -as she begins to realise that Ye Xiu maybe Ye Qui

Tang Rou joins her and when she confirms her suspicions with her, Tange Rou points out that it’s not about whether he had left or if he has returned, it’s about the fact that he has always been there with her.

The Kings Avatar 14-02a Tang Rou tells Chen Guo that he has always been here
‘He has always been here’ (sounds like the Vorlon in the Babylon 5 saga)

Our Nemesis is back

The other teams leave and discuss the fact the their nemesis has returned but bravado will stop them saying that they are frightened.  Chen Guo exits the main entrance hall after first disposing of all her Ye Qui merchandise that she brought with her. She feels that they should now look forward, not back.  Ye Qui is the past, she now wants to get to know ‘the master’, her Glory playing idol, all over again.

Outside, Ye Xiu meets up with Su Mucheng.  She buys him some ice cream and they fool around with some balloons and run around and stuff.  I guess they deserved to relax after the tenseness of the Tournament.

Back at the hotel, Chen Guo and Tang Rou are in their hotel room.  Chen Guo considers what it will be like getting to know ‘the master’ again and she is all giddy and excited.  he mood quickly changes when she also remembers some of the less complementary things she has said to him or the way she expected him to work for just room and board.

The Kings Avatar 14-03 Chen Guo is worried that she has been too mean to Ye Xiu
Tang Rou teases Chen Guo a little

Mean – don’t think so

Chen Guo hasn’t really been that mean lets face it.  When Ye Qui was thrown out, she was a safe haven for him to recover himself and she provided a base for him to begin his crusade with the 1000 machine umbrella.  Chen Guo however begins to feel that he may want to move on and not stay at the Happy Internet Cafe.

Tang Rou and Chen Guo head off to Ye Xiu’s room to get some answers but as soon as Chen Guo meets Ye Xiu, she becomes all cute and shy.  She is hardly able to string two words together and it’s left to Tang Rou to speak privately with Ye Xiu to confirm that he is going to stay at the Happy Internet Cafe as thej Network Manager.   Alas, she didn’t simply ask the question, she told Te Xiu that his contract as Network Manager was for 10 years and that he only gets paid every 6 months!  Ye Xiu replied that he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.

The Kings Avatar 14-04 A tough contract! It seems like he sold himself out
A tough contract!

I would have thought she could have simply asked him if he was going to stay now that his real identity was in danger of being revealed but I guess she didn’t want to give him any ideas.  

On the bus back home, Chen Guo sits next to Ye Xiu and he tenseness in front of the master and her idol intensifies as they watch a report on the on-board TV of the top players and captains of the guilds in Glory give their opinions about Ye Qui and if he is returning to the game or not.  Chen Guo is beside herself and pretends not to be interested (or or that she isn’t listening) and settles back in her seat and tries to sleep.

Cover his face!

When they get back to the Internet Cafe, they enter only to find a room full of reporters.  One of them shouts that he has arrived and they all head towards the door and Chen Guo, Tang Rou and ye Xiu.  Instinctively, Chen Guo takes off her jacket and puts it over the head of Ye Xiu.  The reportes rush past and head outside to the Jiashi building to confront Sun Xiang and the Jiashi boss.

Chen Guo is left with a silly feeling and her pink coat draped over the head of the master, Ye Xiu.

The Kings Avatar 14-05 Not for the master - not this time
Not for the master – not this time

Fix it or else

Across the road, at the Jiashi building, Sun Xiang and Tao Zuan are fending off the reporters who want to know what they intend to do about Ye Qui and his seemingly iminent return.  They are also hounding Sun Xiang for a statement about his loss to the previous team leader and captain.

Tao Zuan finds one of the Jiashi sponsors waiting for him in his office.  He is understandably annoyed at the bad press and mentions to Tao Zuan that the value of the organisation is falling rapidly.  He needs to do something about it and very quickly.

The Kings Avatar 14-06 Sort this mess out!
Sort this mess out!

In the Internet Cafe, Chen Guo is still avoiding Ye Xiu and for the next few scenes, that’s pretty much how she behaves, she either avoids the awkwardness of talking to him or is very brief and abrupt.  This attitude is not lost on Ye Xiu who also begins to feel awkward.  Chen Guo is difficult to approach and she tends to hide from him where she can.  Eventually, Ye Xiu formulates a plan to trick Chang Xian, the intern reporter (who we also know as Little Moon) to help.

First, he poses as Ye Qui (with his mask) and pretends to tidy up the Cafe.  This sparks Chang Xian’s attention.

The Kings Avatar 14-07 Naaa, it can't be, or is it, naaa, but wait, maybe it is!!
Naaa, it can’t be, or is it, naaa, but wait, maybe it is!!

The Convoluted Confession

Then through a convoluted and contrived sequence of chats and discussions between Chen Guo, Ye Xiu and Chang Xian, the hapless reporter finds out that he is Lord Grim and has a very clear feeling (though it wasn’t actually confirmed) that he is also Ye Qui.  Chen Guo however, was continually trying to discredit Chang Xian’s theories and this was made difficult by Ye Xiu’s instance on dropping in more clues and hints.

The Kings Avatar 14-08 Your Network Manager.... is Ye Qui!
Your Network Manager…. is Ye Qui!

It was pretty well written and fun to watch,  A lot of flashback sequences though which was, to fans like us, a little boring.

Chang Xian leaves hurriedly, presumably so that he can go an write up his notes.  Chen Guo is mildly annoyed and tells Ye Xiu not to reveal his identity like that.  Ye Xiu acknowledges to her that she ‘is now talking to him’ (and we are able to recognise that she doesn’t have to pretend that she doesn’t know who he is anymore – i.e. they can both relax a bit).  “Who’s talking, ” she replies, “get on with your work!”.

Ye Xiu smiles and carries on tidying.

Break his legs?

In her room, she discusses the situation with Tang Rou.  Chen Guo is still concerned that Ye Xiu will leave and the conclusion that the two girls come up with is that Chen Guo needs to win his heart by spoiling him.

The Kings Avatar 14-10 Spoil his Heart
Spoil his Heart?  Hmmmm

And there this filler episode ends.   Not much story and there were a lot of flashbacks but it was still fun to watch. I guess in the next episode we will be back to the gripping saga.


I really enjoyed seeing more of Jiang Shuying in this episode.  She has such a fun character in this series, much more pronounced than in the animated series and she is a very good actress who makes the person very real and interesting and good to look at. Li Yuhao was also wonderful as the pretty Tang Rou – she smiled more and pouted less in this episode :).

I have to say though, that the star of the show by quite a long way, was the superb actor who played Chang Xian.  He is the only true comedian in the saga with great timing and funny expression – great actor too.

I’d rate this episode a less than gripping but still fun 8.3 out of 10. What did you think? You can let us know by clicking on the Users tab in the review block at the top – right of this page.  You don’t need to register – we’d love to see what you thought of the show.

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