Production 9
Direction 7
Characterisation 10
Storyline 10
Acting 10
Fun/Sexy/Cool 8

Review of episode 6 – this show is possibly the best so far.  We are introduced to two particularly interesting players, we see Sun Xiang getting a lesson and we also got to know about other guilds besides Excellent Era and Lanxi Pavilion.  The best bits were in the beginning though – Terrific Battle between Blue Rain and Excellent Era

Summary 9.0 awesome
Production 9
Direction 6.7
Characterisation 8.3
Storyline 8.3
Acting 9
Fun/Sexy/Cool 8.3
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Summary 8.3 great

The Kings Avatar Live Action (Quanzhi Gaoshou) Review of Episode 06 – Best Episode Yet!!

Episode 6 Review: The Kings Avatar: 全职高手: AKA: Quan Zhi Gao Shou , 电视剧全职高手 , Dian Shi Ju Quan Zhi Gao Shou

This is a Review of Episode 6: 全职高手: AKA: Quan Zhi Gao Shou , 电视剧全职高手 , Dian Shi Ju Quan Zhi Gao Shou

After last weeks episode, we needed to see the effect of the shocking 3 solo defeats of the Blue Rain guild at the hands of the upstart leader of the Excellent Era group.  We needed an epic conclusion to this match and a great final battle – and we got them!  Previous episode reviews are here: Kings Avatar Live Action News & Reviews Thread).

Kings Avatar Episode 6 Pre-amble.

So, we’re up to episode 6 and this show is possibly the best episode in terms to storytelling so far.  We are introduced to two particularly interesting players, we see Sun Xiang getting a lesson and the comedic sketches we have come to know and hate were fewer (although there was quite a long one). We also got to know about other guilds besides Excellent Era and Lanxi Pavilion.  I would have rated this episode a lot higher but was disappointed by the comedic writing for a couple of the scenes.

If you need to see previous episode reviews, they are available here: Episode 1 HERE, Episode 2 is HERE, Episode 3 is HERE, Episode 4 is HERE and the previous episode, 5 review is HERE.

Key Players Appearing In This Episode

The Kings Avatar Live Action Yang Yang as Ye Xiu, Ye Qui and Lord Grim Name:  Ye Xiu
ID:  Lord Grim
Class:  Un-Specified
Guild:  Unassigned (sometimes plays as member of Lanxi Pavilion).  Once known as Fighting God Ye Qui when he was with Excellent Era (Excellent Era (Jiashi)).  He now works for Chen Guo who does not know he was once Ye Qui (who was her idol).
The Kings Avatar Live Action 'Maggie' Jiang Shuying as Chen GouName:  Chen Guo
ID:  Chasing Haze
Class:  Gunner
Guild:  Unassigned. Manager Happy Internet Cafe (pet name of GuoGuo by Tang Rou).  She is a very enthusiastic supporter and player of Glory but we rarely see Chen Guo win a match.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Liang Yimu as Sun XiangName:  Sun Xiang
Autumn Leaf
Excellent Era (Jiashi).  Is new to Excellent Era which was handed to him after it was taken away from Ye Xiu. His  previous class was a Berserker.  He is not very popular with Su Mucheng.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Lai Yumeng as Su MuchengName:  Su Mucheng
Dancing Rain
Excellent Era (Jiashi).  Childhood friend and staunch ally of Ye Xiu and his biggest supporter.  She is a exceptional Gunner who is rated as the best in the game.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Gao Hanyu as Yu WenzhouName:  Yu Wenzhou
Blue Rain (Lan Yu).  Very highly respected player and venerable team captain of Blue Rain.  Accomplished tactical player known as one of the Four Tactician Masters in Glory
The Kings Avatar Live Action Yu Yonghai as Huang ShaotianName:  Huang Shaotian
Troubling Rain
Blue Rain (Lan Yu)Vice-captain of Blue Rain.  Is sometimes used as a weapon to disorientate his opponents with his quick speech and aggressive, antagonistic banter.
The Kings Avatar Live Action Liu Qiushi as Xu BoyuanName:  Xu Boyuan
Blue River
Blue Brook aka Lanxi Pavilion (I think this is an affiliate of Blue Rain Guild on the 10th Server as they have the same logo).  Team Captain. A well respected player. One of the top swordsmen on the 10th Server.

Kings Avatar Episode 6 Review

This amazing episode opens with a team talk between the Blue Rain (Lan Yu) team.  They have just lost three matches – wait, that’s three of their team lost three matches to just ONE team member (the Captain, Sun Xiang) of the opposing team, Excellent Era (Jiashi).  If I was them, I’d be hanging my head in shame, I’d me miserable and I’d be embarrassed.  If I had a Team Captain like Yu Wenzhou (Swoksaar) I’d think, what woz he thinking!?

And yet, AND YET! The very next scene we see the very same, Yu Wenzhou telling his buoyant, chirpy team members, “All you then need to do is kill all four of them together (yes, including Su Mucheng) for the win.”

Jeez is the guy dreaming, did we miss something!! One of his team by the way, is looking particularly smug.  He is the master swordsman, Huang Shaotian (who is affectionately known by me as motor-mouth) and he is massively talented.  Maybe Excellent Era need to watch out after all.

Huang Shaotian looks very positive about the coming battle

The fight starts and both teams are quick to attack each other, they fight aggressively and neither side seem to have the upper hand.  Two or three times, the Captain of Blue Rain seems to tell his team, ‘Devanning’ (this is the English translation (subtitle translation) of a Chinese word that I couldn’t make out).  The word means to open up a landed container (usually in front of customs officials) and then empty the contents – yep, completely useless especially in the current context. Rather than make a big deal about a word that is badly translated, I’ll just concentrate on describing what happened in as much detail as I can.

Certain attacks are made by Blue Rain and each time they seem to effortlessly be pushed back by the Excellent Era team.  In particular, we see the Autumn Leaf character of their Captain defending and then attacking the Captain of the Blue Rain team.  It seems as though the game has, after only two minutes, reached staleate.

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Yu Wenzhou then issues the command/statement again “Devanning” he says (a faint smile is on his face), and this time Huang Shaotian, the swordsman, steps up.  He engages Sun Xiang and says, “Hello classmate Xiang.  Kindergarten officially opens, ready to fight me, fight me….. have you started fighting yet?” He continues to goad Sun Xiang who begins to look visibly agitated.

Huang Shaotian continues, “The account you are now using is a divine account number, the Autumn Leaf.  Do you want to raise a Dragons Head up to me?”  He gradually gets worse, “Do you really have no dignity, the little puss-head (I assume he means the Dragon-Head attack that Sun Xiang cant conjure – only Ye Qui was able to do it) doesn’t seem to be as dedicated as you are.”  He then runs off into a corner of the battlefield where the walls are closed in and it’s difficult to manoeuvre and swing a staff – Sun follows angrily,  Huang Shaotian is able to defend himself easily in the confined space and Sun isn’t as concerned about the limited movement, he just wants to bash the head of the swordsman. “Your father won three consecutive championships – it seems you are still in kindergarten.” Continues Huang Shaotian.

Huang Shaotian banter is vicious and does the trick in gathering the Captain of Excellent Era

The effect that Huang Shaotian is having on Sun Xiang is clear and visible – not only to us, but to Sun Xiang’s team mates.  Su Mucheng calls him back to the rest of the team but Sun Xiang is not listening, we are led to think that he feels that he is the winner of three consecutive duels in this competition against this same team!  He will quickly deal with the upstart swordsman end then clear the rest of the opposition.

Sun Xiang is Sucked in

Sun Xiang is determined to beat Huang Shaotian - now it's personal

The situation outside is gradually getting worse for the Excellent Era team.  It seems that this is the opportunity (divide and conquer) that the Blue Rain team were waiting for, they unleash a number of combination moves against the Excellent Era team who’s health is gradually going down (certainly faster than the opposition). Su Mucheng calls for the Captain to return but he takes off his headphones and continues the duel with Huang Shaotian.  Su Mucheng is appalled.

Su Mucheng calls for her Captain to return - Sun Xiang refuses

She begins to issue instructions to the rest of her team and manages to hold off a few sharply focused attacks from Blue Rain.  We can all see however, that their time is limited and within a couple of minutes a fatal attack combination from the Blue Rain team kills all four of the Excellent Era team at the same time (a devastating combined AOE attack (Area Of Affect (everything in the affected area is damaged)).

Sun Xiang is the only player left in his team and he faces five of the opposition.  Huang Shaotian lets Sun Xian know his mind, “Dear Classmate Xiang, you can’t understand a simple tactic.  In my opinion, maybe an amputation under your eyebrows should occur? So, go back to your kindergarten class, now you know that there is a gap between you and your father Ye Qui…… {some stuff which didn’t make sense}…. Now I’ll give you one last lesson, to teach you to be a human being.  Three. Two. One.”

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A few final words before Huang Shaotian executes Sun Xiang

Sun Xiang is attacked and killed. His team lose and 5 points go to the Blue Rain team.  However, because the Excellent Era team were all killed before the 15 minutes were up, they are awarded a further 2 points. This means that the match was won by Blue Rain who have a total of 7 points to Excellent Era’s 6.  This is a humiliating defeat snatched from the claws of victory.  Worse still, Sun Xiang probably worked out at this point that this went according to Yu Wenzhou’s strategy.

After the Match

After the match, the teams shake hands.  Huang Shaotian tells Sun Xiang that his father will always be his father (and says it with a smile).  Next, he tells Su Mucheng that she needs to go on a diet, she smiles – I’m sure she also appreciates just how well Huang Shaotian played during the match

Later, in the Happy Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu is explaining to Chen Guo what the strategy was all about.  He told her that Huang Shaotian had to hold up the Excellent Era captain while the rest of the team were attacked and killed – it worked wonderfully.  Sun Xiang won three duels in the first part of the match – this was an important part of the strategy since this made Sun Xiang very confident and very belligerent especially while being verbally attacked by Huang Shaotian in the team event.

A little later, Huang Shaotian visits the Happy Internet Cafe poorly disguised with a scarf around his neck.  Eventually, after some pointless comedic banter Huang Shaotian agrees to be part of Ye Xiu’s team to break the Sun Xiang’s (Jiashi Guild) Burial Grounds record.  He had already arranged to undertake the record attempt with Su Mucheng but Mucheng is not able to make it because of an emergency team meeting.

A New Record for the Taking

The team that is eventually assembled is: Ye Xiu (playing his Lord Grim avatar), Huang Shaotian (playing a level 27 swordsman from the stack of game cards at the Happy Internet Cafe) and Bao Rongxing playing his brawler, Steamed Bun. Also there is Tang Rou playing her Battlemage character, Soft Mist and the replacement for Su Mucheng is Xu Boyuan playing his Blue River swordsman avatar.

The team begin the battle for the Boneyard record

Although not perfect the team work very well together.  On top of this, Lord Grim has a new tactic to help them save time.  Instead of fighting the zombies that are resurrected by the boss, Zombie Bailey, Lord Grim instructs his team to toss them into a nearby crevice which will instantly kill the zombie adds and save them time on each kill.  This they do, and it seems to work – it looks a bit silly though, I’m not sure if they are playing Glory or Grand Theft Auto.

The team win by flying Zombies into a crevice – Perhaps they learnt it from Grand Theft Auto

They managed to reduce the time by a whole four seconds.  Everyone, is hugely impressed and the only guild player (from Lanxi Pavilion) is likely to see a large influx of new members because of it (the record will now be associated with Lanxi Pavilion and it is unlikely to be broken and show off the guild for a long time).

I’m not sure if Huang Shaotian is expecting some sort of personal reward from Ye Xiu but all he receives is a bill for his Happy Internet Cafe time and refreshments. The comedy music plays in the background, so the dialogue for the rest of the scene is correspondingly lame and ultimately pointless.

When Huang Shaotian eventually leaves, he is accompanied by Ye Xiu.  They talk and reminisce old times when Ye Xiu (known then as Ye Qui) was the Huang Shaotian’s instructor and helped him sneak back into the training school (presumably after a night out).  Ye Xiu was injured and Huang Shaotian never really forgot how his friend helped him. I guess this was more of a little background piece to show how the two know each other when Huang Shaotian was a new and upcoming player.  It’s a bit dramatic but at least shows that the two of them have a history.

Yu Wenzhou Knows Something

Huang Shaotian is telephoned by his Team Captain.  He doesn’t answer the phone but heads back to his guild immediately.  When he arrives, Yu Wenzhou is patient but insistent that he gets answers to certain important questions. Huang Shaotian tries to hide where he has been and what he has been doing i.e. that he has been fighting as part of a non guild team with a retired player Ye Qui and others, to beat Sun Ziang’s 10th server record).  Little did he know that the master tactician had already worked this out.  He simply wanted the answer to a few questions but had to get Huang Shaotian to admit what he had been doing before he could ask them.

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Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian talk about what Shaotian has been up to

Huang Shaotian us sheepish when asked questions by Yu Wenzhou but eventually tells all.  He specifically tells Yu Wenzhou about Ye Xiu’s comment regarding his weapon, and that he intends to use it to shake up the game of Glory a little.  This intrigues Yu Wenzhou who then asks Huang Shaotian to go and get it for him.

I’m not sure how he would accomplish it or why he even needs to ask.  Surely these is a better way of finding the stats to a weapon.  Most games have ways to be able to identify the weapons and tools and techniques that players use.  This part of the story seems implausible.

Yu Wenzhou wonders what Ye Xiu is up to and how things are going to change

Yu Wenzhou contemplates what the 1000 Machine Umbrella is capable of and how Ye Xiu intends to use it to change the nature of the game.  And there this excellent episode ends – a real cracker and my favourite so far!


Even though there was a huge slice of comedy in the episode, it didn’t ruin it for me.  I’ve got to say though that every time I hear the comedy jungle music in the background, I tend to get up and go and make tea or something.  There are many other viewers who feel that this comedic stuff is bringing this excellent saga down – not too much though thank goodness. 

My favourite part of the show by a long way was the fight at the beginning.  Motor Mouth (Huang Shaotian) is a magnificent character and I love the whole way he and Yu Wenzhou are, along with Tiny Herb, the guilds to beat.  Excellent Era are by no means easy to beat but it’s good that other guilds are seen to be good too.  The playing field feels well and truly levelled since ye Qui quit!  And the story, competition and intrigue therefore, can only get better.  Can’t wait to see the next episode!

The Kings Avatar, Episode 06 rated a very big 9.0 out of 10 for great characterisation, acting  and story. The only thing that marked it down was the poorly written and directed comedy!  

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