Andromeda: People: Dylan Hunt

Dylan Hunt is played commandingly by Kevin Sorbo.

Dylan HuntIf you were to meet Dylan in a pub, he’d be politely trying to fend off a drunken young lady’s amorous intentions (and you would probably be jealous! – yes, of either).

As the effective ships captain, he has enjoyed a brilliant career spanning two decades as a High Guard Officer to the Systems Commonwealth. The pinnacle of this was the appointment to Captain the Andromeda Ascendant, an advanced battleship with it’s own sentient computerised control centre.

At the start of his career, he spent two years as an enlisted soldier, the first in the local Home Guard and the second as a spacer in the High Guard Argosy.

He was then selected to attend the High Guard Academy, (Tarn-Vedra branch) from which he graduated with honors as an officer

Dylan HuntThere he gradually, steadily rose to the rank of Captain, most recently he commanded the Crimson Eclipse, a Low Observable Special Warfare craft. But his academic activities also kept him busy with post graduate work at the Antares Command Lyceum and the Imperial Strategy College o­n Tarn-Vedra.

He doesn’t really seem to have had much of a life outside the military, we have yet to learn of his family and friends. But in the episode Banks of the Lethe, we learned of his love for hi fiancé Sarah and that he was willing to give that up to continue to fight for the cause. Dylan had the opportunity Dr Sarah Rileyof going back in time to live out the rest of his life with Sarah Riley. But he changed his mind because (as Rommie told him) their situation was bigger than him. I guess the new Commonwealth couldn’t be built without his driving force.

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His current crew are significantly impressed with his drive and ambition, unfortunately that isn’t always enough. They have complained that he is prone to make bad leadership decisions. And yet, although the crew are all recent additions, they can be considered loyal. Beka however, refuses to salute him or call him sir (which he doesn’t seem to mind).

On the WONDERFUL SlipsteamWeb site taken from a recent interview: According to Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt), another interesting aspect of the show is Dylan Hunt himself: “This character is flawed, and that makes it interesting for people to watch. There’s conflict going o­n within him, not o­nly dealing with the fact that’s lost 300 years of his life in suspended animation, he’s got to deal with this whole band of renegades in a way, and deal with what has happened to his past, which is now so far back in the past that he has no ties whatsoever. He is a man that is – he is a guy o­n an island, by himself.”

About Kevin Sorbo

HerculesAlthough he has the physique, like Jerry Ryan (7 of 9) that launched a thousand Web sites (not that he’s got a body like Jerry Ryan… erm.. but that people wanted to erm…) Kevin’s modest upbringing as a son of a nurse and a junior high school teacher.

He is the fourth of five children raised in a strict Lutheran household in the Minneapolis suburb of Mound. At the age of eleven however, he decided he would be an actor after seeing a play called Oklahoma at high school.

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After leaving college prematurely to realize his dream of becoming an actor, Sorbo joined a Dallas-based theatre group, and landed his first acting job at the age of twenty-one: a two-line, walk-on part in an episode of Dallas.

HerculesHe later worked as a model in Europe, and later a good deal of commercial work for companies such as Budweiser, BMW, Diet Coke, and Lexus.

In 1986 he moved to Los Angeles and couldn’t seem to break away from the commercial dead-ends. He tried for a number of auditions, X-Files (for Mulder) and Superman etc. but it wasn’t until he was passed a script for a new Universal Television series based o­n the Myth of Hercules, that Kevin’s fortunes changed. The rest, as they say, is history.

KullKevin Sorbo has always been a popular character because of a seemingly sensitive and vulnerable side that many viewers, especially the female o­nes, get all hot and sticky over. Geezers like the guy because for a big bloke, he is modest and generally approachable. He also has a cool sense of humour.

He married actress Sam Jenkins, a regular in the Hercules show, in early 1998.


Kull the Conqueror — 1997
Slaughter of the Innocents — 1994
Captain Dylan Hunt
: Andromeda — 2000
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
— 1995
Hercules in the Underworld — 1994 (Movie)
Hercules and the Maze of the Minotaur — 1994 (Movie) Hercules and the Lost — 1994 (Movie)
Hercules and the Circle of Fire — 1994 (Movie)
Hercules and the Amazon Women — 1994 (Movie)
Cybill — 1994 (Series; guest appearance)Kull
Murder, She Wrote — 1993 (Series; appearance)
Condition: Critical — 1992 (Movie)
Santa Barbara — 1986 (Series; appearance)
Dallas — 1983 (Series; appearance)

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Target, Pert, Lexus, Jim Beam, Diet Coke, Budweiser, BMW, AIDS Public Service Announcement

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