Babylon 5: S04E10: Racing Mars

Ivanova and Sheridan are discussing the problem of supplies to the blockaded Babylon 5. Even the Black Market is unreliable. Ivanova says that she will take care of the problem. She points out that Sheridan has not taken any leave for some time and insists that he does so. Sheridan makes a token gesture at defying her but we all know he’s gonna loose.

While in his quarters, Sheridan decides to confront Garibaldi about his rantings on the ISN bulletin (The Illusion of Truth). He meets up with Garibaldi in the Downbelow section. An argument ensues with Garibaldi defending his actions saying that he was entitled to his opinion. The argument gets more heated when, after Garibaldi accuses Sheridan of playing God, Sheridan retorts by reminding him that he still has a responsibility not to undermine the Sheridans effort and that if he was making a personal attack that he should stop. A few more harsh words are said and Sheridan storms off. The exchange is witnessed by a group of three ‘thug’ types.

Captain JackFranklin and Marcus meet an unlikely looking character en-route to Mars. At first he seems like a harmless peddler called Captain Jack. Marcus is sceptical of chance meetings and advises Franklin to steer clear. It turns out however that he is the contact who will take them to meet Number one, the leader of the Mars underground. Captain Jack issues them with new identicards and offers them some of his food.

As they near the Underground HQ, Captain Jack discusses news and indicates that no-one on Earth knew of the Shadow/Vorlon war and that Mars felt that it had been ‘written-off ‘by Babylon 5. After walking through some tunnels, the party, headed by Number Two, meet up with members of the underground. Three men with guns unceremoniously escort Marcus and Franklin to number one. They are wary of the travellers since they believe an attack is about to be made on Number ones life and make them wait while their identicards are checked.

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Sheridan is upset by his encounter with Garibaldi but Delenn meets up with him to discuss yet another ritual. Sheridan is not very pleased at having to do yet another (can’t blame him) especially when he finds out that there are about another fifty to go through (the earth equivalent of the fiftieth would probably be the Ruby Wedding Anniversary). This one however involves lots of touching and feeling without clothes. Sheridan decides that this particular ritual might be all right after all.

The fanciable Number oneOn Mars, number two comes back from the identicard check and informs Marcus and Franklin that their cards and DNA check don’t match. He threatens to kill them both. He is stopped by the drop-dead-gorgeous Number 1 (played by the stunning Marjorie Monaghan) – a woman who wants to take a look at the prisoners herself. At this point Captain jack pulls out a gun and is aiming at the tall good-looking blonde whom we must assume is Number one. Franklin shoves her to the ground and Marcus fires on Captain Jack but hits some sort of ugly little monster on his back. Captain Jack runs off.

Marcus shoots at Captain JackFranklin examines the remains of the dead creature and realises that it is able to control whoever it is attached to and concludes that Captain Jack was forced to make an attempt on Number ones life. Captain Jack on the other hand knows only too well that the creature is capable of growing back and elects to take his own life by blowing himself up before the creature can again take control of his mind.

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Garibaldi, with the wrong crowdSheridan attempts to make up with Garibaldi but another argument develops and this time Garibaldi thumps Sheridan in the chops. They both storm off but Garibaldi is soon approached by the three ‘thug’ types again and explains to them that he thinks that Sheridan is loosing his head. Their leader is called Wade and he asks Garibaldi to ‘give’ Sheridan to him when the time is right and he would then see that Sheridan got help.

Another great episode – it’s all starting to get hotter! 
I’d rate this 34,711 out of 10.  What did you think?

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