Babylon 5: Character Bios: Marcus Cole

Click to hear Marcus say, 'Shoot a bunch of rocks and then leave.'Marcus Cole is one of my favourite characters, not just because he’s a Brit, but because he’s a bit wacky. The part is played so well by Jason Carter that I suspect he isn’t acting very much. Nevertheless, I cringe at some of the stuff he comes out with.

If you were in a pub with Marcus you would be listening to his bad jokes. You would  invariably have to remind him that it was his turn to buy the drinks. If an aggressive person threatened you, it would be Marcus who would come to your aid.

Marcus is a Ranger of the Conspiracy of Light. He joined after the death of his brother. He proved his loyalty to the Rangers and in particular their leader Delenn when he fought Neroon, a Minbari from the Warrior Caste who was determined to stop Delenn from leading the Rangers. Marcus was prepared to die defending Delenn and this convinced Neroon that the Rangers would be loyal to her.

He uses a Minbari fighting pike and can speak fluent Minbari. He also fancies Commander Ivanova.

In this area, Marcus is a bit of a dipstick. He often gets the chance to chat-up Ivanova but always seems to cock it up! one such chance was in the episode ‘The Summoning’. He says that he has someone special, and that she doesn’t know it yet. He has that look in his eye that screams – ITS YOU – ITS YOU!. but doesn’t follow it up by asking her out.   Instead he tells her that he’s never had intimate relations with a woman!!??? Good greif!    Ivanova would be impressed by that!. She was probably thinking, ‘he’s a popular boy’.

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Click to hear Marcus say, 'Ignore the moans, it's just gas.'All he needs to do is invite her out, feed her up, get her tipsy, and then pop the killer proposition: “Come over here luv and get yer kit off, we’ve got some serious bonking to do”. Works every time…….. well actually it doesn’t,  but it’s better than telling her you’re a virgin.

Marcus is a terrible singer.

His infuriating and frustrating love affair with Ivanova came to a head towards the end of Series Four.  He finally told her that he loved her, and even though it was not while she fully appreciated his words (she was almost comatose at the time), she understood and, it seems cared for him too.   Unfortunately Marcus died at the end of Series four.  Shame really, I was just getting to like the geezer.

“You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.”
Marcus Cole to Dr. Franklin, A Late Delivery from Avalon

“I am a Ranger. We walk in the dark places no others will enter. We stand on the bridge and no-one may pass. We live for the one, we die for the one.”
Marcus to Neroon, Grey 17 is Missing

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