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Another great episode, lots of intrigue and suspense is beginning to build. Sheridan and Ivanova head out to engage the Earth enemies at Proxima 3

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Babylon 5: S04E15: No Surrender, No Retreat

Sheridan calls a Council meeting on Babylon 5. He reports the murder of 10,000 fleeing refugees from Proxima 3 and states that all military treaties with Earth are now void. “We’re going to take back our home. Or die trying” he says.

Sheridan’s plan is to offer the Earth Force ships that they encounter, a chance to surrender or defect.  This will avoide unnecessary conflict – but he adds that he will destroy any ship that attacks. Of the Earth Force ships that attacked, only two were actually responsible for the destruction of the Proxima 3 transports.

Garibaldi visits Vir in the middle of the night looking for Londo Mollari. Vir, who was having a nightmare and somewhat shaken, inadvertently informs Garibaldi that Londo is visiting G’Kar.

Sheridan instructs Franklin to get the Shadow influenced telepaths that have been kept in cold storage ready for a mission. Franklin indicates that he has not made much progress with the telepaths (I didn’t know he had done anything at all).

Earth Force Star Furies are patrolling hyperspace near Proxima 3 as a fleet of White Stars begin to gather. Marcus relays a message that the Proxima resistance is being crushed by the Earth Force ground forces. Sheridan and Ivanova meanwhile try to explain to the White Star crews that they are to be ruthless in battle yet merciful to non-combatants. Sheridan leaves Babylon 5 with Ivanova in charge so that he can go to engage the Earth Force ships at Proxima 3. His ship, the White Star 2 has the new Army of Light logo on each wing.

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G’Kar is busy writing when Londo arrives for a chat. They take a couple of minutes to settle themselves with a few healthy verbal stabs at each other before Londo finally admits that he came to see G’Kar to talk not fight. We have been waiting for a proper confrontation between these two since episode six – it’s about bloody time. G’Kar made it clear a few episodes ago that as far as he was concerned, Londo Mollari was basically an insignificant spec in the vastness of the universe, I think he secretly respects Mollari otherwise he would simply have told him to piss off.

Londo makes a series of respectful comments concerning the difficulties they have both faced in the last few years. G’Kar, meanwhile much prefers to be on the end of Mollari’s insults and derision, he scorns any attempted reconciliation. Nevertheless, Londo, getting a little angrier, continues by saying that he considers the humans friends through all the conflicts that have befallen him and his people and for this reason he has persuaded his government to fully support Sheridan. Londo asks that G’Kar do the same. He pours out two drinks as if to toast a new alliance and hold his glass up in the hope that G’Kar will respond positively. G’Kar simply pours his liquor back in the bottle and Londo leaves disappointed.

Meanwhile the White Stars jumps out of hyperspace at Proxima 3 and Commander Hall of the Earth Forces orders that two destroyers be dispatched to engage them. Sheridan then attempts to persuade the Earth Force Captains to surrender or join the Army of Light. The Captain of the Vesta, Captain MacDougan refuses to fight the White Stars and Commander Hall quickly promotes the second in command on the Vesta to take MacDougans place. To the dismay of the newly promoted Captain, the Vestas crew relieve him of command.

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The battle continues however and an Earth Force ship, the Pollux is destroyed. Another ship runs off. The commanders own ship is the only one left fighting and Hall is quickly removed by his own crew. Sheridan then calls the Captains of the remaining ships together and gives them the ultimatum. Join me or go home (going home would be pretty bad, imagine it, “yes Mr Clark, I simply couldn’t fire on Sheridan, he’s such a nice guy you know, so I came home for a nice cup of tea instead”).

The other captains don’t particularly like the situation they are in but Sheridan insists that they are Humans sworn to protect Earth not Clark. Since Sheridan is not at war with Earth they really only have one option open to them. Of the four that are left, two of the ships join Sheridan, one stays back to help defend Proxima 3 and one ship goes home.

Not a bad days work by Sheridan that. Two run off, one is destroyed and three stay on as friends, I’d be pretty proud of myself if I were he.

A sad and dejected Londo is quietly drinking himself to a stupor back on Babylon 5 when he notices, through the corner of his eye, that he has an ugly drinking partner. With a grimace, G’Kar instructs Londo to issue a joint statement supporting Sheridan. G’Kar says that he wont put his signature on the same page as Londo then he leaves. Poor old Londo is left choked with emotion.

The Voice of resistance reports the days victory and encourages more Earth Force warships to defect. Meanwhile a disgusted Garibaldi leaves Babylon 5 for Mars and vows never to return
and good riddance.

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Another great episode, lots of intrigue and suspense is beginning to build.  I rated this a massive 31,889 out of 10, what did you think?

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