Babylon 5: Ships: Earth Alliance

Earth Omega-class Destroyer
With the possible exception of the Star Furies, the Omega DestroyerEarth Alliance have produced the most ugly spaceships of the Babylon Saga.  The Omega Destroyer is no exception! There are hundreds of them and they are almost all named after figures in Greek Mythology (an insult to the Greeks in my opinion).  They are manned by approximately 250 crew members and carry two squadrons of fighters.  The armaments  sound impressive, 4 heavy pulse lasers, 4 laser cannons and 12 pulse cannons.

Nova Dreadnought
The Nova DreadnaughtThis ship doesn’t fill me with dread at all, indeed, I think it’s dreadful!.  It looks like a cargo ship.  What is it with Earth ships!!  No class at all, where are the sleek lines, the curvaceous hulls and the whopping armaments?  This ship is one of the oldest of the Earth Alliance and is still used in Battle.  Unfortunately the weapons use so much power that sometimes the ships are left impotent and an easy target.  It has not one, not ten, but 18 plasma cannons! and it looks like it’s having a fit when they are all in use.

The Star Fury

Starfury Fighter    This fighter is approximately 7 meters from tip to tip and it sports 4 laser cannons.  When ever I’ve seen them in battle, it’s usually when they are being destroyed.   Nevertheless, these are efficient fighters, very agile.  It also has lots of useful ‘bits’.  The cockpit can be ejected acting like a lifeboat and there is a useful ‘grappling arm‘ that can be used to attach itself to other ships or objects.   We saw this used effectively when an assassin tried to kill Sheridan in No Compromise , Garibaldi sneaked up behind the assassins ship, grabbed it with the arm and maneuvered it out of harms way.

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Hyperion Heavy CruiserHyperion Heavy Cruiser  This ship is crewed by approximately 350 people and is 1200 meters long . They are a pretty old design and were the main line of defense in the Dilgar invasion.  Nearly all of them were destroyed in the Minbari War, but a few remain and they now act as support vessels for the Omega Destroyers.  They carry six Starfury Fighters and have a range of Laser Beams, Cannons and torpedoes.

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