Babylon 5: Ships: Minbari


Minbari WarcruiserMinbari Warcruiser  The Minbari War Cruiser is about 300 meters long and has a staff of around 200. It has loads of canons, missile launchers and electro-pulse weapons. It also has artificial gravity and can kick the hell out of any Earth ship (they nearly did in the Earth Minbari War) and it looks pretty good too. This ship is smooth and curvaceous and can certainly pack a wallop.  The “Grey Council” love them so much that they lived on their own Warcruisers.

Minbari Fighter (thanks PJ Lamy)

Minbari Heavy Fighter This very effective complement to the Minbari arsenal is approximately 25 meters long and is piloted by one crewmember. It has three neutron cannons and is also very maneuverable.

It is probably the most powerful of the fighters of the Younger races. (pic thanks to PJ Lamy)

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