Crusade: People: Dureena Nafeel

Dureena Nafeel is the Excalibur’s resident thief, pick pocket, lock pick, and general underworld rat. She was enslaved and taken from her homeworld at an early age, and later escaped to freedom. But freedom is relative because she spent the rest of her life stealing and running from the authorities.

If you were to see Dureena in a Pub she’d be drinking a Coor’s Lite. You’d turn your attention away from her for second, then look back to find her and your Rolex missing…

Dureena’s enslavement was a mixed blessing, because she wasn’t on her homeworld of Zander Prime when the Shadow’s nuked it during the Shadow world. For years she thought she was the last of her people. But the Excalibur visited a world with a lost tribe of her people in Patterns of the Soul. Too bad that world was also infected with the Drahk Plague and her people would all be dead in a year. So naturally Dureena has a chip on her shoulder.

She’s feels a grudge against the universe for killing off her race, and forcing her to endure so much pain in her life. She tends to feel that the universe owes her, so she takes whatever she wants. Her skills as a thief and rat has made her an invaluable member to the team. She’s capable of extracting information, unlocking doors, and finding her way into tough places.

Dureena has always been a loner, but has slowly started to become more sociable with others after joining the Excalibur. She seeks guidance from Galen, but only to learn his Technomage ways to seek revenge on those who wronged her. And there also seems to be some sexual tension between her and Eilerson. Although this sadgeezer doubts either of them would ever admit to it publicly.

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Dureena Nafeel is played by Carrie Dobro

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