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Dr.Dr. Max Eilerson is the Excalibur’s archeologist and linguist. He has a natural talent for learning new languages, even as he’s hearing them for the first time. And he’s not shy about telling that to everyone he meets. Since the geezer didn’t have very many friends has he grew up, and was always being picked on for being too smart, he built up a self defense of pure arrogance. He has a sense of self worth is so great, it can only be described with Continuum Theory! He also has a colorful way of showing it too. He has a very sarcastic sense of humor that proclaims to the world “I’m better then you”, or more likely “I’m a condescending prick”. With that said, Max is this sadgeezer’s favourite character on the show.

If you were to meet Eilerson in a bar, he’d be sitting alone in the middle of the bar. He’d be reading some thick dusty tome, and most likely bossing around the barmaid. Chances are, more then one guy there would want to clock him, hard! But he has that uptight persona about him that says “I can snap at any moment”, so the smart ruffian would keep his distance.

Max was married once, to hot redhead named Cynthia Allen. Somehow the awkward archeologist managed to woo the woman, or perhaps he just stopped acting so high and mighty long enough for her to learn to like him. Either way they were married for a short time. Ultimately though she left him. Cynthia still loves him, but couldn’t put up with his always being away on some archeological dig, or his tough cynical exterior. When she left, she took what was originally his cat, Mr. Kitty, with her. Mr. Kitty and Cynthia are the only things Max loves besides himself.

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Max has a thing for inter-racial (alien) pornography.

After receiving multiple awards for scientific excellence, Max turned into a more profitable scientist. He took a job with InterPlanetary eXpeditions as a field archeologist. His job was to find dead worlds, and harvest any new technology he could find there, so that IPX could sell it on the open market. It was through this experience that he learned to decipher languages so quickly, as well as understand alien cultures and technology.

While Max may be a sarcastic egomaniac, he has learned to love his fellow man. After about a year on the Excalibur, he has grown to respect his fellow man, rather then always try to profit from them. In the last episode, he feels sincere regret after Crewman Greenberg sacrifices himself to save Eilerson’s life.

Max Eilerson is Played by David Allen Brooks

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