Dune: Technology: Ornithopters

Ornithopters, or thopters as they are commonly referred to, are the most common small transport vessels in the Imperium. These ships are capable of carrying 6 passengers, 9 if the back seats are removed.

Thopters are also some of the most versatile craft available in the distant future. While they are capable of space travel, these small vessels are mostly operated near the surface of a planet. Their uses vary from human transport between cities and continents, to light cargo transport across long distances. In modern day terms, the thopter is a flying SUV or mini-van.Unlike most of today’s SUVs, save the Hummer, Thopters are also equipped with weapon.

Usually they carry lasguns, but they can also carry small missile and Repeating Maula Pistols. Except on Arrakis, and for heavier cargo transport, all ornithopters are equipped with shields.


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