Farscape: Character Bios: Bialar Crais

Captain Bialar Crais is played ruthlessly by Lani John Tupu

I’m still compiling stuff on Captain Bialar Crais (played superbly by Lani John Tupu), if you have any additional info, please email me.

If you were to meet Captain Crais in a pub he would be the Head Doorman.  It would only be a small pub, but there would be at least five doormen and all of them would be trained to kill.  The pub would be quite peaceful except for the violence caused by Crais and his Peacekeepers.

Bialar Crais is a ruthless Sebatian baddie and Captain of a Peacekeeper Command ship.  He is a murderous git who takes his power and position very seriously.  He expects absolute loyalty (and usually gets it) but he doesn’t trust anyone – especially his hapless subordinates.  Crais would think nothing of wasting the life of any of his crewmembers in the achievement of his objectives (and has done so on many occasions).

He is embroiled in the Farscape saga because of his brothers death.  Although Crais has risen to the high ranks as a Peacekeeper, his younger brother was a Prowler pilot.  He was a bad Prowler pilot.  When Crichton emerged through the Worm Hole in the first episode, Crais’s brother bumped into the Farscape and promptly crashed into an asteroid.

Captain Crais was incensed and vowed to revenge his brothers death.  He has been chasing Crichton ever since.  They meet up from time to time and both survive, but Crais is getting in very deep water indeed.  He has disobeyed a number of direct orders to return to the Peacekeeper base and is almost a fugitive himself.

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Tupu was educated at Rongotal College in Wellington, New Zealand and Wellington Teachers Training College. He was trained at the New Zealand Drama School. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

Tupu is an accomplished actor and spends as much time behind the camera as in front of it.  He has directed stage productions such as Going Home the short film Talk of the Town and the video The Main Course.

Tupu’s film credits as an actor include the starring role in the TV movie Tanker Incident, The Punisher and Send A Gorilla.

He has appeared as a guest star in many TV series such as Mission Impossible, The Feds and Time Trax, and starred and in the TV series Flipper 2.

He is a founding member of the Walkers And Talkers theatre group in Australia and has many theatre credits such as Bell Shakespeare Companys production of The Tempest (Australia) and many theatre productions in New Zealand.

He is also an acting coach in Australia and New Zealand and runs weekly workshops on “Screen Acting” at the Actors Centre in Sydney, Australia.
Tupu was nominated for many awards throughout his acting career. He received a Best Actor award for Talk of the Town, which he directed, at the Dream-maker Festival in ontario, Canada.

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