The Witcher Character Biography – Geralt of Rivia

This is the biography of the character Geralt of Rivia.  It provides information for the viewers of the TV series although some of the info is gathered from books and the video game. It attempts to explain how and why Geralt looks and acts the way he does in the TV series. Geralt of Rivia is played magnificently (seriously, it’s like he was born for the role!) by Henry Cavill.

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Tripping the Rift: People: Angel

Angel is a sex slave. A highly selective, skanky yet innocent looking, cheap whore. Chode purchased her as a replacement for Six, what he got was an uppity sexbot that didn’t know her place. 

If you were to see Angel in a pub, you’d think she was way too young to be there. But after watching her down all the drinks the guys were sending to her, you realize that she’s exactly where she belongs. You might want to send over a drink yourself, but you’d just be wasting your money. Try the venetian chick a few stools over instead. 

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