Jhevz – fantastic post!

FX – Your ignorance is staggering. When, in any of my posts, have I given the impression that I am anti-american? I am anti the current US foreign policy. I don’t know what else to say to try and make you see that. Try read my posts. I find it insulting that you call me anti-american, especially when I have American friends and family.

As for the South African bit… yes, all Countries have their skeletons. I have said that already. I agree with you on that. One thing I must add… perhaps you should read up on Apartheid before you judge it. The sanctions damaged the people of SA, not so much the apartheid government. It played right into the Apartheid Governments hands. They were inforcing isolation, the west was just making it easier for them. As for America’s involvement in the ending of Apartheid. That was almost none existent. The US bribed the Apartheid Government in the 80’s to fight the Angolans and wipe out the communist tide sweeping Southern Africa. Although this was disgusting, when the New South Africa was born, the UK and US did the most for South Africa. They helped write our constitution and do many other uplifting tasks. There are many reliable books to read up on this subject. I suggest you read some before you go off on a tangent.