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Ohhh man the scene where DeeDee has sex with the deputy was HILARIOUS!! “No wonder she was cold”. Her jerky body movements reminded me of the zombies in Dawn of the Dead. She totally jumped that guy, and i laughed hard.

The shootout scene was funny, the guns are a satire of American life and i love it, having a couple have sex right in the middle of it made it funnier.

I was hoping 769 (?) was going to pork poor old Kai. Would have been funnier if the Xev and Stan caught him just as he was gonna do him (like when stan was about to get porked in the 791 episode). Just having him rub himself and Kai all over while bunny, stan and xev argued had me wincing with laughter.

No, i dont think they’ve gone far enough! More more!! Have Stan get oral sex from a transexual! Make 790 have phone sex with a Kai impersonator! Let Xev get into a sex scandal with a televangelist. More More!

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