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Hi All,
I believe in a peaceful solution to getting Saddam, if he’s still alive, to reveil all the weapons of mass destruction, then inprison him; I don’t believe in creating World War III, which we’re in right now. By the time this war began, the UN was finding all kinds of things that would make a weapon, not just the Chemical & Bioligical weapons. We should be supporting our soldiers, not the guy who put them them, President Warmogar Bush, or as my parents like to call him, King George; King George is the 1 we should rally against, not the soldiers.
I think that anyone who for this war should read the peaceful, Anti-Bush posts, so that may be there can be an understanding to anyone who’s opposing this war; I also think that if anyone who’s for this war believes that those of us opposing this war is Anti-American, not supporting our Troupes & pro-terrorism, better realize & understand that there are many of us who oppose World War III & are Anti-Bush, but we do support our soldiers; we’re just Anti-King George, & none of us support terrorism, you just pay way too much attention on those Protestors who make the rest of us who oppose this war like fools. Yes, I’m opposing this war, but I believe there are peaceful solutions to everything; anyway, it’s King George who wanted World War III in the 1st place.
In all the posts I’ve been reading here, I don’t hear or see anyone writing about what’s going happen after this war’s over & the US has conquered & taken over Iraq; no body’s writing about post-war Iraq, it’s all just about the war. I’d like to have something written about what will happen after this war’s over.
Take care, have a nice April & Peace be with you, all.

I believe in Peace,