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I am not demanding to talk to the manager FX nor would I assume that Tony would give me ‘my way’ (whatever you think I think that might be).

I have as much a role to play in this ‘crap’ as anyone, and would expect to get my ass kicked as hard – if not harder – than others by pursuing and developing it further. Nonetheless, I emailed him a while ago and he acknowledged that there was a tendency for certain voices to dominate at the exclusion of others, and that the board can often resemble a clique (sorry for repeating this Tony, but I’m starting to tire of their self righteousness as well as mine). And as I’ve indicated – I’m just lodging a protest at how you enshrine one another’s assumptions

As a moderator, hovever, you have a responsibility to make better sense of what is happening, and why. Instead, you just instinctively encourage the dispute along the dividing lines. Has it actually ever occured to you that I might have felt bullied and devalued, and have responded by acting similarly. A typical example of your moderation is to inflame the problem : you claim that “your understanding” is that I’ve behaved in a cetain way elsewhere without even bothering to consult the other person involved. apparently it was enough for you to simply accept what you’ve been told. you claim that I’ve been adopting all these aliases to trick people here but it was part of the visible ‘song exchange’. You purport to bracket this exchange from the ‘revelation’ you think you’ve made for others without even remotely sitating it, and generalise from there. My behaviour at lexx.com is irrelevant here because I’ve disclosed who I was, and what I was doing within the context of the song. You claim (quoting Flame) that a ‘yawn’ is appropriate to my behaviour in the other thread that resulted in playful song, but you fail to note that Flame was keeping it going without responses from me. and that is what I was responding to.

You urge that I’m just trying to flame a war, but you fail to note the chronology of events leading up to them. the example of ‘lexx actors’ is a prime candiadte. I was doing my best to be nice to Aleck and Lee in what was essentially a three way conversation that got out of hand. note that before it did i was bending over backwards to ‘move on’ from previous crap, and Aleck and I even apologised to each other for the previous heated dicussions (I initiated the apology). And then – it got horrible (again), and I got upset again.but apparently my being taken aback was feined, because as you say, “no one is buying it”. you make it sound as if the question of my credibility is contingent upon the issue of your assent. and then, when someone dares to step up to protest their treatment of me from the moderators, the result is more mistreatment from them as if I was the one protesting. If you want to stop all this crap and move on, you shouldn’t be seen to crapping on me as a way to move forward.