I just feel sorry for the actors

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Actually Flamegrape is not a moderator on this particular forum, but I am. And no, I don’t think Sad would like anyone baiting anyone. However bonnee , this is the kind of thing that happens when people start using multiple nicks to hide behind while posting. It is unfortunate that an innocent new poster who is unaware of the previous trespass has to get caught up in it. And this is one of the reasons that I am very much against such ill mannered behavior. If a person cannot post a view under their own name, perhaps it is a view that should not be shared. Oh, and posting on another system or from another location to hide your identity is not a great idea either, you would be amazed at the number of times cowardly posters are found out due to spelling, punctuation and grammar quirks that they use, but are unaware of. Not an accusation mind you, just an observation for all to be aware of.

Anyhow, back to the topic. I am not enamored with all of Season 4, but then I have not been enamored with every ep in the other seasons either. There were a few eps this season that I have simply loved, The Rock, Walpurgis Night and Vlad. A few that I have hated, Mort being at the tippy top of my personal hate list. The rest have had their moments. Do I think season 4 is going to ruin anyone’s career? No, they will triumph or fail based on their future choices and performances. I think Lexx has been a good ride for all of them. Even if it is only a quirky sci-fi cable show, it is a widely distributed cable show. So the name recognition factor has got to help. Are there downsides? I am sure there are, but like most things, negatives can be turned around if you approach them correctly. I look forward to seeing all of the cast in their future projects. Oh, speaking of which, don’t forget Rolf Kanies (Priest) is going to be on Starz March 9th in Joe and Max. http://starzsuperpak.com/se/starz/title.html?version_id=4161731&episode_num=-1