I just feel sorry for the actors

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I realise that we’ve tried to move on, but Bonnee is not going to change his ways, he’s made it quite clear what he thinks of us, and if Tony backs him then I will be saying goodbye to this board.
I don’t have time to read his annoying and troublesome view of this board and of Lexx and frankly feel that he is just out to cause as much trouble as possible here, sending this board to the depths Lexx.com and Sci-fi have plummeted too.
So if Tony has any sense he will ban Bonnee’s ISP for good, before we all end having a mass flaming war.
Like Aleck, I don’t find anything he has to say constructive in any way, he contantly whines and whinges (christ even DT doesn’t think much of him), as far as I am concerned he is a pain in the side of the board.
So I guess that if I have to suffer this fool much more, then that will be the time to find another board that doesn’t advocate his kind of behaviour, as Saddy obviously couldn’t give a rat’s arse as to what happens here.